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Thanks for the props guys! Last night was mental. Went batshit on the town. One piece of advice: avoid the vindictive barman who you ask for a random shot and he gives you chartreuse. Everything is a little foggy after that. But I'm up and fighting fit for day 2. Day in the pub watching the rugby. Couldn't be happier!!!
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Nice thavar 802J and thanaz 660q



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Loving that purple blazer Phukette!

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Originally Posted by mattias View Post

can anyone help me
does anyone know how yoox does there returns? is it the same as ordering from online diesel store? free returns? or buyer pays return shipping thanks

returns are free, but they will give your money back unless the shipping (my diesel costed 65 euros and shipping was 8, they give me back 65 euros).


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RL Crew Neck

Ray-Ban Caravans

Diesel Black Gold Crave 8ML

Wolverine 1000 Mile


Pesky hematologist always taking blood.

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First wear on the Braddom 887D, 28x30 today... I find w/ the pre stacking I should of maybe got 32L.. but this is nice too; I probably need new shoes and tops to match this pair.. dammit.



The herribone is so subtle you cannot really tell while wearing; however what's super cool is that I notice even the Herribones on the seams are lined up properly and continues on!! now that's attention to detail. 


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Best herringbone by far, congrats DC.
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Perfect fit DC, congrats
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Very smart DC

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DAT herringbone
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today my fav - Tepphar 880R   :)




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Hi guys!

Maybe anyone could help me, I have the chance to buy Diesel Thavar 8880m at a good price, but I own Diesel Thanaz 8my and I think they could be similar...

Would you buy?

Thans a lot everybody!!

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Not even close to being similar.  I have both and they are very different.  8880M are much paler in colour.

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Thanks RYAN074! Would you recomend me buy them? I havnt see the 8880m in person, are similar or best than in the pics?
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@ europhase : Nice fit boy. 880r is my fav pair too,sick wash

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how is the feel on those 880r? is it soft and strechy or think and stiff or in between?
i think the 8880m are worth buying if your gettin them at a good price
i like em dont love em i prefer my shioner 8pn
im not a huge fan of light washes but this one is worth getting if you dont own shioner 8pn
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888p ;-/
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880R is soft and stretchy, very comfortable.  I'd totally get one if you do not.  Great comment on the 8PN vs 880M.  I was also thinking about the 880M but screw it.. 8PN is good enough.  I do however want to try to add the 3D stacking at the hem back as mine didn't have it when I first got it.


realdealornot - those 888P are sick!!!! I haven't worn mine since winter started.. will bust them out in Spring..


today wearing first wear of Tepphar 804K.



the black dirty spots dont show up as much in photos but they are apparent.  quite like them.. should of wore these w/ boots tho, that's on the to buy list!

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Great fits Realdeal and DC! Haven't wore my 888p's either since winter. But they do look good with dark blue, and seeing your pic, makes me wanna wear them!
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Wow, nice pictures everyone!


I've been wearing my Japan Blues almost nonstop since picking them up in Amsterdam. Here they are with the Diesel Leide Jacket, Mil Boots, and Sblaket Scarf.






Sorry about the butt shot. They're still hella tight up there!

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Cheers Ram/DC I'm not liking this season to much,  so pulling the old babies out :-/ guessing 811p in Thavar I will get..and a couple from last season are on the list...DC 804K look great.


Aahz, class....

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Denim Collector - the 804K is amazing!, and Tepphar cut fit you perfect.

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Thanks Guys!!!!!


Aahz - if I had those Japan Blue's thick, selvage denim, i'd try to rock them daily.  I do see they stretch out a tiny bit eh except the butt!! but they look great.


how you like them compare to the other RAW pair you have that I loved... crap can't remember the name anymore.. you rocked it w/ double denim look. 

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Denim Collector, I love those others (Acne Max Raw). Great cut for a straight leg. However, they fade very slooowwwlllly. After a year of doing lots of stuff in them (including a few days of jackhammering plaster from a wall), the wear is fairly subtle. I kinda like that, though, because they're very smart looking dark denim.





These Japan Blues are a bit thicker than the Acne's. Also, after just 5 days I'm already starting to see the color change in key areas. These are definitely going to be more dramatic than the others. I'm looking forward to their progress!


By the way, how do you like the lighting? :)

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hahaha OMG can't believe you look so wicked even w/ heavy tools taking down the wall.... hahaha.. awesome..


the light is great!! i'd do little post edit to tone down the highlights though, or adjust the strobe at camera left down by 1/3 stop... but fixing it in Post is easier.  I find you look tad to pale but it could just be my monitor.


but compare to the fit pix i take of myself w/ my phone, your photos are like 100x better. keep it up!!!

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