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Originally Posted by Lorna View Post

Yep! That's me icon_smile.gif well remembered! And I still remember you too. I often see your name when I'm browsing icon_smile.gif it's good you are still here! And I'm still with Adam actually ha ha! He still wears Diesel too!



Get him to post pix then! Miss his pix on here. He always wore them well!  (or you post some on his behalf...would be great to see him back one way or another!)


Incidentally, where in the UK are you?

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Hi all, have a question regarding boots and denim.


I bought these boots, mainly for the bad weather but think they look ok and not bad at £40, so decided to pull the trigger.



Firstly what are your views on these?


And secondly can I tuck my jeans into these? I wear Thavars and Darrons mainly and dont really have any boot cuts. Been reading on the Style Forum site and general consensus is 'no'. I have seen some fit pics with some jeans tucked into boots on this site so can it be done? I'd probably wear it with a vintage navy peacoat and beanie and jumper, or a longer length trench coat.



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Thank you everyone! Your comments are really appreciated! Don't worry, I will most more photos soon!


@Levislad, he's sort of over the whole forum thing and not really interested in it anymore, sorry!

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Goonz: I wear my thavar 8x2 with my Cassidy boots and I get a lot of nice comments in the street or people in shops asking where I got them along with my jeans. Don't hesitate and go by your feeling, you're the one whon need to be comfortable with what you wear.

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@goonz, I'd leave em open and roll up your jeans once or twice and sit your jeans on top of your boots. That's what I do!
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Originally Posted by Dieselolic View Post

thanaz 74k - these are my all time favorite. the fit, wash, and stacking are just insane!



with Zara denim shirt




with Allsaints biker style leather jacket







Absolutely Stunnning outfits... right up my street .... Superb !!!

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Nice one for the comments, appreciate it.

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+1 for Dieselolics outfits, great style and fashion sense!

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Safado 807M: Amazing, amazing jeans! Quite underrated!






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@Raj great fit and cool shirt
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Shioner 801A

AllSaints Tonic Crew

AllSaints Clearcutter Shirt

Diesel Mil Boots



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@ goonz


I also think you should wear them however you feel comfortable. There is no right or wrong way. I often try new things or ways to wear my clothes,my GF will often walk in and 'Oh my god...' but I dont take any notice and wear it like that anyway.


@ Dieselolic


Great Outfits, love the denim shirt with dark jeans, quite partial to that one myself. Love the 74K, they are the ones that got away for me......


PS. Sorry in advance for Cross Posting. I know @ Levislad wanted some worn pics of my Thavar 813L aka Thavar E-COM aka 801B


Barbour 'Liddesdale' Jacket

Topman Shawl Neck

Thavar 813L

Diesel Megnete Exposure High Navy Leather





I got home and my Limited Edition Thavar-US 75G had arrived from an ebay seller in Germany, so I quickly tried them on and got some snaps. There was some comparisons to 74Y I read a while back, I definitely prefer these to my Shioner. The wash is better IMO and they are a lot softer...




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I would love to get my hands on a pair of 75G. But they are like hens teeth!
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any tips for where to find those 75Gs ? 

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I've tried eBay. All the variations. Thavar, Thavar-UK, Thavar-US, etc. No results.
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@leftvapor both of those Thavar look great. Are the 813L the limited edition UK ones?

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yah I saw the 75G while in HK last yr, they were pretty nice but i just couldn't spend $400 on it after exchange rates.... 


today wearing Tepphar 880R



my Tepphar 804K came from QuickModa...! will post at the new buy thread!

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@ Phukette @ audit30


Yeah I kinda gave up on the 75G. I missed the boat but I was looking for some Thavar on ebay Germany (often find some good listings) and they just appeared. I think they were listed as 'Thavar Limited Edition New York'.  I won them for 100euros, but I bid up to 150.


@ Levislad


Yeah the 813L are the Limited Edition ones. Mine are from the Covent Garden Store but you've probably seen that Diesel has put them online as Thavar E-COM. Oh I managed to find that tshirt as well, the T-Londra. They have re-released it along with the Thavar jeans as a limited edition thing, no doubt you've seen that on the Diesel website too. Not paying £65 for it though!!!


@ Denim Collector


880R lookin good, you wont be disappointed with 804K. Awesome wash!

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Rocked my new pair of Thavar 8AA this afternoon. 

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You certainly did mikealumni. Those 8AA look good...not seen that wash in Thavar before.

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Thavar is one of my favourite guys cuts! I find it always fits well. Everyone is looking great! These are the same Jegonfire jeans, but with a different outfit.


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Looking great, Lorna!

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Love that jacket Lorna, great fit on the jeans. Outfit is well put together!
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Fit pic today:


Diesel Darron 880F

H&M Tshirt

Hudson Desert Boots

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Love the jacket Lorna!

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