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Cool outfit PJBUK! Very much up my street. Cant beat the jeans, knit & leather combo. And the 880R are just a fantastic pair. So soft and great stretch in em too. So comfortable.
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Thank you Lee, that Safados are one of the nicest light washes at least if you're asking me.


Today's outfit


Diesel corduroys (Cig One)

Diesel Jhima-fur winter jacket

Bershka T

H&M winter cap

Guess leather boots




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Love that denim jacket!

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Really is a cool jacket

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Wearing  New Fanker 801B, went to downtown Denver to see the Broncos game at the bar and it was very cold (9degrees.) Too bad we lost.

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qtj0ker.... nice!


DBG Excess

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Thanks Aahz, is that your house?

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I saw that a lot of people search an Thavar 8x2

For people to look for it !! I find several size close to my city !!!

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Originally Posted by qtj0ker1980 View Post

Thanks Aahz, is that your house?


Haha... I was hanging out at a winery in Austin, TX.


Not tasting... just wondering around keeping myself entertained. That was a room I stumbled into which was set up for bride's parties to ready themselves.

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O Ok, I was about to say that is a hella of a big house you got.

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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

You missed the extra 8 yourself Lee!
You guys are making me jealous with your 8880M, Im giving mine one last wear-in tonight then I'll be ready for the grand unveiling on saturday.
Until then I went for a browse around the shops today and I wore my:
Shioner 804H
Allsaints Bloomsbury Jacket
Diesel Double Breasted Coat (bit chilly today)



Also while I was out today I noticed my local department store has stocked a couple of Nudies and I decided to give the Thin Finn a go. I didnt like em. The fit wasnt great for me. Great fit on the waist, but tighter in the thighs and looser on the calf than my shioner, the leg opening also was wider. All in all I wasnt impressed. But I did take pics so you can see for yourselves...


Great jeans. Have some finns and grim tims myself. Very soft and comfortable. Their raw selvage jeans are bomb as well.
Try the grim tims phukette, those would fit u better.
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Krooley 804J


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New Fanker 801B

Allsaints Tosker Shirt

Diesel Cardigan

Bastard Sword



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hey m3linj!!!!! have you stumbled upon a 28x32 or 29x32?
i have a question also if any one can help
me im usually a good 28x32 in thavars but i keep hearing people sized up on the thavar 8x2
should i keep my
original size or should i size up on those? thanks any advice would help
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One word....badass!!!!
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LOL Aahz, nice.

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Aahz, you're a legend! Epic pose!

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too funny! where'd u bag the sword and how much?

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Hahaha Love that @ Aahz


Got my new 802Q joggs and Exposure hi-tops yesterday, here are the pics...


Worland Paisley Tee

Suit Polkadot Button up Sweater

Krooley 802Q Jogg Jeans

Diesel Magnete Exposure Navy Leather




I took a punt on the shoes, I won them on ebay for £14.99, but actually really like them. I wasnt as excited about the Joggs as I though I would be. I think its another case of the stock photos being a little bit of a mis-representation. These photos are more accurate than those you find on the internet. Having said that, I had a similar issue with the 74Y wash being 'not as blue' IRL.

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Nice fit Leftvapor....i love the 802Q jogg jeans.I'm thinking of buying it

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Originally Posted by freeradical82 View Post

too funny! where'd u bag the sword and how much?

Haha, just a borrowed prop.

Was a gift from Medieval Times.

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Aahz, Only the Brave!  you owed it!

leftvapor, love those joggs!  that is the best wash diesel has made so far for them.  Awesome shoes too!

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yah those joggs are looking really nice!!! I'm thinking to go try on a pair now......


and hahahaha epic pose Aahz..

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Hi guys, I'm new in the community !
today I'm wearing : 
Safado 880I
Asos Cable Jumper 
Fred Perry Kingston




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Awesome.. Welcome Nmp30!

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