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locky....cheers, mine are 31W 32L ..super tight :-/

what size do you need?

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Well I have a w28 but it stretched like crazy, fits like a w29 so I'm going to go for a w27 when I find one at a decent price.

What's weird is that I didn't think 8x2 stretched.

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mine have stayed pretty tight, hard to say but i think they well go half a size bigger....mine where super tight when i brought them..are you in the UK?

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My 8x2 haven't stretched either! Mine are quite small too. They are a w30 but are as tight as a 29
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agree I think you can go up one on the 8x2...uk outlet still have some

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I'm in France and you can't find them here anymore...

I might buy the last pair diesel_jeans_1978 has in w27.

What uk outlet has them??

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Thanks for the PM mate.

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Which UK outlet please? Thanks..
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ok so today i visited one of the diesel outlets here in athens and i finally got the chance the try on a krooley (im planning to get the 801N). i found 880W and a couple of other washes. i tried a 30x30 and appart from the waist being kinda tight, it was really nice. and i loved the wash so i cant wait to receive my shioner 880w. i also tried a Larkee-T 8PR in 31x32 just out of curiosity and i cant say i didnt like it. here are fit pics. (krooley pics were taken without flash so they have kinda crappy quality) tell me what you think guys. 






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Koolter 8x2


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sick 880W locky what size are they? im wondering if a 29 will fit me well since im a good 28
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chill day today after work so wore my safados 8j1 a bit baggy
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They don't look baggy to me Mattias! They look nice!
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I agree with levislad, the fit looks solid. The combo of that wash and Safado always worked in my mind.
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Braddom 888P

Allsaints Tee

Ted Baker Knit

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It seems everyone is on the Braddom and Krooley at the moment. I don't want to cause any offence but I really don't see the attraction with these cuts. Although I guess some would say that about some of the outfits I wear. icon_wink.gif
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It all depends on your preference. Braddom and krooley works for some people. Not everybody likes their jeans too tight. Especially when it doesn't suit.
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Shioner 880W today and just for you Lee new HTC belt icon_wink.gif
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Phukette, Braddom and krooley I thought worked best for you however those Thavar 807c you got seem to fit you right on the money...

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Yeah. Some washes are good in those cuts. Braddom 888P and krooley 801N run quite small so when sized down they fit very similarly to Thavar at a glance. Other washes wouldn't be as good. But my preferences are with thanaz/Thavar/shioner but I'll get another if the wash is right. I don't want to limit myself unnecessarily!
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Realdealornot I love the Shioner! With or without the belt!
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Might look at the 811P in krooley, if its a thick denim dropping down one might look ok.. It's a good point regarding the wash I've noticed some do come up smaller.
Lee- agree, think you need a couple more for the collection
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I need a couple more what in my collection?
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Hey guys, Haven't been there for two days as I had a car accident so had loads of things to sort out icon_neutral.gif

Well I'm okay but the car is gone so my latest purchase is going to be a fecking car...

Great fits everyone, Mattias i got a 28 and it's tight compared to my thavars and thanaz so you might have to go for 29 if 28 is quite tight on you icon_wink.gif

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nice fit karacho and phukette


to night :






shioner 8x6 / leather jacket / boots

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