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This forum is getting so good, lots of pic posts and hard to keep up wi it all, can't even miss a day now ! NP wi this !


Gosh you guys spend some dosh ! @ Locky especially .. I really am a tight arse, lol. Not really but family priorities you know. But have lots of ideas for DIY experiments to follow.


@ Timeout .. you are so stylish with your satchel. My pockets suffice for my life style so could not justify one, but if you got notebooks, slates or a packed lunch .. gr8


@ Lee .. you're cool, daring school with high fashion. Love your outfits and hoodies.


again @ Timeout .. I'm really after a polka dot shirt simillar .. they had them in River Island shop last weekend but not my size.


@ Karocho .. back to basics but looking good.


Take care all and looking fwd to lots more in 2013

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Been away for a while, had two weeks off work. No structure and more alcohol meant I was rarely online, and if I was, I couldnt see clearly ;-)


Back to work now though so the concentration is back. Hope everyone had a good one, all is looking well in the pics...


Diesel Reversible Top (Forget the name)

Paul Smith Shirt/Jacket

Shioner 801A (31X30)

Diesel Expoiak Low Trainers


1000 1000



The top is gold, not yellow. I have been after these trainers for a while and got them along with a load of other gear in the sales. Spent way too much!


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welcome back, Leftvapor.  801A is looking awesome on you!

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Happy New Year Leftvapor! Good to see you and your fit pix back again! Looking good as usual!
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Thanks for sharing, I might get myself one icon_biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Locky View Post

Thanks for sharing, I might get myself one icon_biggrin.gif

My Thanaz jeans-relaxed. Sorry bad quality pic.
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thanaz 8LP

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Well here are the fit pics of my Shioner 880w



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Looking great Locky! Great fit on the Shioner.

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Thanks a lot Lee, I'm really happy with them, worth it's money.

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Locky, 800w is a beautiful wash and great fit!  did yours come with a lot sand? mine did lol

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It came with dust and why might now be sand as you tell me yours did haha. Weird but fantastic pair so they can all come like that no problem ;)

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Trying out a few things for a trip ahead...


DBG Excess 83S

AllSaints Oakland Shirt

Diesel Glenn Boots



DBG Excess 83S

Diesel V-Neck Jumper

AllSaints Avern Jacket

Luca Roda Camo Scarf

Diesel Kunha Boots



New Fanker 801B (returned the other pair because these were $50 cheaper -- they fit tighter)

AllSaints Tosker Shirt

JV Allstars


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Tepphar 8yo
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Aahz, strangely enough I like the new fanker outfit, it's nicely relaxed for a cool dress down look. But the second one is just class. Love that jacket!!
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@ Locky


Lookin Good. Im waiting for my new pair of Shioner 880W from the same seller at the moment. Hope they are as nice as yours.


@ Aahz


Love the All Saints jacket mate, really sharp. Thought I might have picked one up in the sales when I saw yours, so found it online. Decided againts it when I saw how much it was!!




Scotch and Soda Sweater

Krooley 800B Jogg Jeans

Nike Oasis Tweed






Zara Brown Denim wax-look Jacket

J.Lindeberg Geo-Print Tee

Shioner 74Y (31x30)

Vans (Navy and Brown)




Just orded a new pair of Joss Jeans, the Krooley 802Q (Similar to 74Y wash).

Also have Thavar 8QU (Taupe) on the way and Im hoping to pick up Thavar 802K and Darron 8QU (navy). Fit pics upon arrival...



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Aahz different class, love that jacket..
Today 8x2 and frankie morello High tops..

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Aahz, new fanker looks good but i like you more in skinnies.  2nd outfit is my favorite...just perfect!

Quettingen, nice fit on those tepphars

Leftvapor, i'm really digging those krooley jogg jeans you got on.  they fit you like gloves!  congrats on the new purchases as well.

Realdeal, best fit pics of you in those 8x2. the wash just looks fantastic!

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nice outfits guys.... went to local department store last night and all FW12 jeans are 50% off!!! i went through them and they actually had a lot of selections..  I tried on Darron 803w again, Krooley 801N and Shioner 805A ($180)..   all their Jogg jeans are also 50% off too....  I'm thinking about Krooley 801N.. this would deviate from my 887D, 68z and Kakee 883v or Thavar 801c wish list.. What do you guys think?  i think its like $215CAD so not super cheap but considering 801N wash is quite expensive to start.



first time trying on Krooley's and i gotta say the low back pockets reminds me of Thin Finns' but its got the extra cool flap.

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dude, those krooley fit really nice on you!  i didn't know krooleys fit that tight. beautiful wash too

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Realdeal: 8x2 is amazing on you, I can't wait to sell mine and size down to see how it fits me.

What's your size?

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I just not sure if it'll stretch out...


Phukette and Karacho?? i think you guys both own a pair.. do they stretch out after few wears???  the one i tried one is 28x32.

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Denim Collector, nice fit, there never seems to be room left in your jeans, how do you do it?

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They'll stretch a little but size down for a great fit.
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