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What Diesel are you wearing today? - Page 897

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Thavar 886B







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Locky see what you mean about the jacket-thavar's look like a great fit on you...

Karacho 886B looks like a great wash and fit..lovin the boots in the 2nd picture, what make?

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boots are http://www.valdasaar.com/ from last season


shioner 600R seems to be nice

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yea I think 3-4 pairs look good for this season, all comes down to the cut..Diesel do it well, they suck you into different cuts based on the finish :) 

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600r is black?
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looks dark green to me... !!!

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Hard to tell from those pics but yeah I'm hoping its some kind of washed black. Hopefully foam dyed. If it ticks those boxes then it'll move from the maybe list to the definitely list.
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I just got over the flu Phukette...it's a rough time...thought I was gonna die!

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Thanaz 74k





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I've had flu for 4 weeks now....all over Christmas too! Felt awful. I had it two weeks before I broke up from school and all over the school holidays. I go back on Monday and still haven't got rid of it!

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Its a bad dose that's going around. Happens every year especially after xmas as people congregare indoors in warmer temps allowing for easy transmission of diseases. Especially respiratory infections, plenty of fluids and as much rest as you can get. Colds and flu that last that long could be due to you being run down. Try try a good multi vit.and rest rest rest!
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Originally Posted by Dieselolic View Post

Toulouz, i like your work but i think you might've gone a little too far with those.  tone down a little on the whiskers you're all good.

Sideways, i like that jacket. almost got it myself.

Art, nice 8x2 and nice bathroom.  they sold 803W at nordstrom online, at one point they were 50% off. all gone now.

Aahz, great looking 801a.  pics just don't do justice on the wash of those, only the owners know how beautiful and unique they are.  nice firepit shot.  we should all have a party there :)

Pjpuk, really like those 801c on you.  it is still on my list to get.

Realdeal, that is a really nice pair of 8x2 you got here.  love the belt too.

Soulsavers, thank you.  i don't have the shirt or the sweater with me right now.  i can take a pic of them later for you.

Yes please, i'm really curious to see the sweater with the shirt in jeans.


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Originally Posted by sac000 View Post






Everyone looks great!!

First fit pic - dbg 81c (excuse the shoes, its my only boots for time being)

Have a great weekend everyone!! 


This pair looks pretty cool man!!! it feels like a darker version of the Thavar 801c?!????

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thavar 884s
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Ted Baker Shirt 

Ted Baker Blazer

Diesel Belt

Grenson Shoes 








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Thavar 8880M



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I thought you said they were tight Phukette! Nothing pornographic about those!
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Wow Lee! It only took you 7 mins to reply! icon_razz.gif I stretched them out quite nicely, they fit like a glove now!
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Wanted to be the first to comment! icon_wink.gif
Makes a change to see you in a light wash! Look good!
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Thanks Lee! Ill probably put em away till the honeymoon. I need more of a tan, theyre too light, they're washing me out.
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I don't think so! I think the light wash looks good on you now!
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Classy outfit timeout!

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@ denim collector: ya man, its a bit like darker 801c.  Rise is lower than thavar IMO. 

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8880M looks great phukette!!

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