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Those are nice. Thinking about picking up a pair

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@Gpoop, don't know about your size but my pair is on the marketplace ;)

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Phukette it's such a shame the thin Finns didn't fit ya... I own two pairs myself and they are honestly not bad on me... Like diesel It also depends on the wash as they do fit differently wash to wash... Just putting in my $0.02 about nudies.. icon_smile.gif
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Thanks Locky, I guess I was lucky, is more dirty brown color than yellow at the knees :)

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I agree denim collector, could just be all the mince pies this Xmas going straight to my thighs!! I really liked the look of nudies. Maybe in a couple of months I can revisit them. Until then its time for the gym to get in shape for the wedding.
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heheheehe. totally!  When's the big date Phukette?? ours is Aug 10th...

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phukette you should try grim tim : )

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@denim collector, it's April 5th. Just over 3 months away. It's full on wedding mode round here!
@arschloch, I would've but they only had the thin Finn and a regular fit pair. On honeymoon I'll have an opportunity to try more and give the brand a fairer appraisal.
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The most important question is what would you wear on your wedding..,
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Well I had suggested the idea of a suit made with diesel jeans complete with tails, cummerbund, top hat and a cane. All made from diesel jeans. You can imagine how quick that idea was shot down.
So I guess I'll have to settle for a grey Armani suit if I can get one.
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 Thavar 807C

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Hi guys,
How iakop compre to thavar?
I'm usually wear thavar and I look for 801b on iakop.
What did u think?
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Iakop fits similar to darron, basically theyre the same(both labeled as slim-tapered)
The details are a bit different.
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I actually found iakop to be closer to Safado than Darron. The 801B definitely are not as slim as Darron. So if you want a Thavar-like fit on the 801B then size down 1 from your Thavar size.
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Thats depends, To get a slim look take your original size, to get a slimmer, skinny leg you need to size down, same with darron.
I tried iakop 807q, in 32 and it's similar to darron 803w in same size (minus the stiffness and thickness)
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Yea but I owned the 801B and it was very loose. Closer to Safado. Trust me, if you want a Thavar look size down 1.
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A question for you, how do you find diesel Jacob fits? Does it have pointy toe like chrom? The insoles are removable?
I have to get a shoe that I can stuck in my arch support insoles in it,
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Originally Posted by ronlol View Post

Yours look really bluish, usually I'd be disappointed to get the "other color" pair, like the yellowish 888p, but I'm happy, I have enough dark blue and indigo washes, this one looks really special.

Diesels that I'm wearing today!
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Just picked these up off yoox.. Shioner 8x6.. In the light the finish is pretty crazy icon_wink.gif
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Apologies in advance for the photo-bomb. My AllSaints Avern jacket finally arrived!


(oh and there are some Diesels in there too)
















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Great fit with the jacket, looks like a small...what's the jeans Aahz

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Fuck me, that's well nice. So jealous!!
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