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sure, i will in an hour or so ;-) 

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Thx man
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Thx man
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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

Thx man







hope these help man. 

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Safado not my cut these days sticking to shioner,thavar, thanaz... 2013 new styles look good in krooley and Darron might have to size down... If they don't come out in a skinny cut.
Safado 804K
Thursom Grey shoes (half price at hudson site) leather so soft on these shoes at £47 a steal...
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Better pic of shoes..
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Originally Posted by audit30 View Post




hope these help man. 

Thanks for the pics, look good icon_smile.gif
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Thavar 807C




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^^Awesome!! Especially the 2nd pic!
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Have to wear the hottest jeans to come out in 2012 on the last day of 2012!


Have a safe and happy new year everyone!


Asos jacket

express T

Thavar 888P

Clarks boots



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Here, here gpoop! Best pair this year by a long way!

Enjoy New Years everyone! Have a safe and stylish one!!
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Happy New Year 2013 good luck everyone 

Im DB beginner 

Uniqlo Shirt

Thavar 8x2

Chuck Taylor



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I tried to post last night but for some reason my iPhone 5 wasn't playing!

So last outfit of 2012 and first of 2013 for the New Years Eve party

Diesel denim shirt, diesel tshirt and Thavar 880m with Diesel pumps.

Happy New Year to you all!

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Happy New Year to Everyone. 



Thavar 880M

Boss Knit

Lacoste Pumps

and my New All Saints Leather Jacket. 











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Stunning Thavar PJBUK....sure they are 880M? They look like 8880M.

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Yes you are right.  I missed an 8 !!

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You missed the extra 8 yourself Lee!

You guys are making me jealous with your 8880M, Im giving mine one last wear-in tonight then I'll be ready for the grand unveiling on saturday.

Until then I went for a browse around the shops today and I wore my:

Shioner 804H

Allsaints Bloomsbury Jacket

Diesel Double Breasted Coat (bit chilly today)





Also while I was out today I noticed my local department store has stocked a couple of Nudies and I decided to give the Thin Finn a go. I didnt like em. The fit wasnt great for me. Great fit on the waist, but tighter in the thighs and looser on the calf than my shioner, the leg opening also was wider. All in all I wasnt impressed. But I did take pics so you can see for yourselves...








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No mine actually were 880M for New Year.


Phukette, stick with Diesel imho

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Great outfit Phukette.

Not a fan of nudies. ecpecially thin finn, it gives a femmine look.

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Agreed gentlemen, diesel from now on! Allsaints iggy and g-star attacc low also fit very well. But not nudie.
Lee, could be just the pics but they look like very clean 880M!
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I think it was the light and my iPhone 5 that makes them look clean. They have all the orange splodges on them and the bleached ankles etc.

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Thanaz 660Q






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Really nice alexhr, I have the pair but your one seems nicer, more yellow at the knees and you can see the stripes more. Great fit, congrats mate.

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Those are nice. Thinking about picking up a pair

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@Gpoop, don't know about your size but my pair is on the marketplace ;)

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