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Thanks Dieselolic ,, yeah might have gone too random with my bleaching, gonna think about dying? getting that bright blue back! One thing these Diesel jeans will accept lots of abuse .. so strong !


Back to basics this evening; Darron 64U, Diesel Rising Sun shirt, River Island leather jacket and Hudson boots:





Btw, love all the many new images emerging on this forum. Looking great guys !

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Dying? Wow you are taking it to another level!
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Nice jacket, realdeal. Love that.


Love both those outfits, Gpoop.


Toulouz, looks sharp.

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dude.....now you're just rubbing it in! 



Originally Posted by Dieselolic View Post

just finished a workout..ready for the weekend!  happy new years everyone!




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some very nice outfits going around here


Tepphar 881W



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DBG Excess 8ML

AllSaints Sorely Shirt

Diesel Chrom Hi Boots






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Originally Posted by karacho View Post

some very nice outfits going around here


Tepphar 881W




Like the jacket is that from Diesel?

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Hey Aahz, are Chroms leather soled?

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Shioner 805A

Ted Baker Polo

Ted Baker Knit



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Looking good Karacho in your Tepphar 881W similarly smart Phukette in your Shioner 805A


Tepphar and Shioner have eluded me in my 2012 Diesel purchases .. on my wish list now for 2013 !


A bright day here in UK for a nice change so have been out lunchtime in my Timmen 8XJ, deffo one of the thickest and heaviest washes I own .. nice and warm.


with Diesel cotton and cord western shirt, Etienne Ozeki jacket and Duck & Cover leather and suede topped trainers.





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The Ted baker polo is awesome, I almost got the grey/violet combination for 60$, it was sold out before I could even pay.
The 805a color looks irl like it looks on the pictures? Mine looks different, more greenish yellowish tone on the thights.
Just a little bit darker since its lighted by bright spot lights:
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IRL mine are much darker than yours or even my own pictures.
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Yours look really bluish, usually I'd be disappointed to get the "other color" pair, like the yellowish 888p, but I'm happy, I have enough dark blue and indigo washes, this one looks really special.
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Well they have the blue/green undertones. It's the cast colour of the denim so I'd assume they'd all have it. The only variance would be how dark the wash would be. Even then it's fairly marginal. My local department store has them and on a whole rail the difference between them all were so slight they were almost insignificant.
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Here's a better picture:
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Yea mine look like that. A little darker though.
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Demonstrative, yes -- they have leather soles.


Phukette, great outfit. Love the TB.


Toulouz, love the shirt (and everything else)


Tepphar-A Cords

AllSaints Buffalo Shirt

Chrom Hi Boots




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stunning picture Aahz..love the shirt

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FINALLY got my 801D and feels super comfortable. even with 32L that i usually avoid it doesnt look bad...i couldnt say no to the price i got it from ssense :P its a W31... i was thinking of getting it in W30 to make sure that it wouldnt stretch more than an inch by using it regularly but it probably wouldnt fit me or it would be extremely tight. what do you guys think? 


Energie jumper

thavar 801D

john varvatos all star 


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I also want to get them in this color, can you post more pics?
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sure, i will in an hour or so ;-) 

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Thx man
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Thx man
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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

Thx man







hope these help man. 

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Safado not my cut these days sticking to shioner,thavar, thanaz... 2013 new styles look good in krooley and Darron might have to size down... If they don't come out in a skinny cut.
Safado 804K
Thursom Grey shoes (half price at hudson site) leather so soft on these shoes at £47 a steal...
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