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Hope you've all had a good holiday and you can all get into your jeans still !!


Alreet for Aahz out there with palm trees and sunshine but all looking good. qtj0ker them new Fanker look ace, Paul you carry off your Slammer 73J stylishly and Phukette those Darron 803W shine a gorgeous blue in the sideways photo.


I distressed my old Thanaz 8FH some more, a bit more bleach some holes now with backing. Starting to look the business !!



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Great outfit dieselolic.. love the jacket esp .

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Nice outfit Dieselolic, great looking cords.

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Shioner 801A

AllSaints Kenmore Shirt

Diesel Cardigan

Diesel Glenn Boots

Chrome Vega Bag




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Nice outfits evreyone!
803w looks awesome, can't wait to get them.
I really likes the dieselolics outfit, looks pretty mysterious.
801a is the only wash that sunlight doesnt do good to the color, though it doesnt seems hurt Aahz photo.
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Hey everyone, it's been a while and I see peomle here still have great taste!!

Well i'm going to buy a pair or two now that I have enough money.

I'm going to sell my 8x2 28x32 to buy it in 27x30 since mine stretched too much. Do you think i can size down? All my jeans usually fit me well in w28 but the 8x2 stretched too much, i don't get it.

And also, i'm 1m80, is it okay to go from L32 to L30?

Thanks and I hope you were all spoiled =)

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Thanaz 802a

Diesel Sweleat leather jacket

Black brown cashmere v-neck sweater

Diesel begley service belt

Clarks desert boots

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Trusty 8X2 Thavars

vintage Sex Pistols tshirt

Gap Red leather jacket from a few years back

Prada sneakers






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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post


Darron 803W



So tell me about Darron 803W? I thought they were a Saks Fifth Avenue exclusive because that was the only place I'd seen them. When I was in New York in November, they didn't have my size in the store but I had other things to buy, the Diesel stores didn't have them either. When I got back home, my local Saks had just gotten some in, but I still waited. They went on sale last week and I got them for 40% off. They are very thick, but very soft, kind of remind me of how new 8X2's felt.

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Shioner 801A

Diesel Leide Jacket




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Forgive the poor light its like dark still at 8.30 !



Diesel Shirt

Superdry Knit

All Saints Kensai Bomber Jacket

Aldo Boots










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Great outfit PJBUK. Love the thavar!
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Stacking shocking with these boots.. Still love the 8x2
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PJBUK, excellent fit on the 801C.
Aahz, I love your fit pics, you always do them in such nice settings and manage to get great quality in such poor lighting. I'm in awe!
Art nouveau, nice outfit. The 803W is a blue Eyecon. Was pretty readily available in Europe. Probusnyc carried them and ssense carried the viker. They were everything I wanted from the 8X2 when the 8X2 let me down.
Sideways, nice jeans man, classic wash in a good fit.
Realdeal, those actually look pretty good.

Think that's everyone covered. No bad outfits on here in a while. Having said that I haven't posted today! icon_smile.gif)
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Phukette...:) pull out the 8880M..go on..Lee has this page on refresh.... 

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Aahz..you didn't throw your DBG's in that fire did you?

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All in good time readeal, I'll have to censor my crotch area though! icon_smile.gif
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PJBUK, nice fit!
Realdeal, those thavars look good and the belt is awesome.
Phukette, I'm just using an iPhone 5. I don't find the camera quite as spectacular as they made it out to be, but it's not so bad for a phone.
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Quote:Hi, love your style, it is possible to saw  your shirt without the leather jacket?


Originally Posted by Dieselolic View Post



Great outfits guys. 

PJBUK, i have those slammers too, they are too wide for me now.  but you wear them very well.

Phukette, nice 803W, blue eyecon.  it is a beautiful wash.


no jeans today.  Diesel Least leather jacket (old, but amazing jacket), Zara denim shirt, Zara black corduroy pants, Allsaints jumper



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Toulouz, i like your work but i think you might've gone a little too far with those.  tone down a little on the whiskers you're all good.

Sideways, i like that jacket. almost got it myself.

Art, nice 8x2 and nice bathroom.  they sold 803W at nordstrom online, at one point they were 50% off. all gone now.

Aahz, great looking 801a.  pics just don't do justice on the wash of those, only the owners know how beautiful and unique they are.  nice firepit shot.  we should all have a party there :)

Pjpuk, really like those 801c on you.  it is still on my list to get.

Realdeal, that is a really nice pair of 8x2 you got here.  love the belt too.

Soulsavers, thank you.  i don't have the shirt or the sweater with me right now.  i can take a pic of them later for you.

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Great Outfits everyone!!! I'm still on the fence on the 801c's...  been trying to save for 887D but .........


Originally Posted by realdealornot View Post

Phukette...:) pull out the 8880M..go on..Lee has this page on refresh.... 


gotta say Realdeal that's a funny comment.. hahahaha. icon_lol.gif

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^I bought the 801c when they were on sale on SSENSE. I'm actually not really a fan of the colour. The blue is a lot brighter than I was expecting. I prefer more of an indigo shade in most of my jeans. I probably wouldn't have bought them if I had to do it over again but the sale price was what won me over haha.

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denim collector..ha ha Lee hasn't left the house in 2 days..

come on phukette get those 880M out of the 'closet' so to speak :-/ 

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rocking my old school thanaz 8B9 and ugly xmas sweater today




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Cheers dieselolic, re-comment loving the Christmas jumper..

New superdry leather (man I need some legs) jacket tight fit, sponsored by durex..

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