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What Diesel are you wearing today? - Page 891

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Great outfits guys!  haven't had chance to post pics myself, but will try to soon...

Gpoop, nice wash of the 8L6

Aahz and Phukette, your styles are superb!  Aahz, are you in so cal?  not to brag but that is the kind of sunshine we get here.

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Hey yeah, I'm in San Diego for the next week.
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

I'm especially jealous of the sunshine. You should see the weather here man. Ireland is the only place where the rain can beat any umbrella. So much so that it actually comes from beneath you.
Secondly I'm jealous of your DBG.

The nearest rain to that I've experienced was only going sideways. Was in whitby on the North Sea. Second nearest was hurricane sandy.
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Denim addict- The denim is pretty thick and soft.

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Originally Posted by qtj0ker1980 View Post

Denim addict- The denim is pretty thick and soft.


Thankyou qtjoker

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More rain Showers here today .....



Barbour Jacket 

Ted Baker Knit 

Lacoste Shoes










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PJBUK your jeans always fit so well! Even though Slammer is an old cut, you wear them well!
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My head feels like a kicked arse today but the show must go on but the show must go on! Not going to waste my valuable days off languishing in bed!

Darron 803W



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PJBUK, Slammer 73J, a classic and an excellent fit. Thats the best fit pics of that wash I've seen.

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Not tried on your Thavar 8880M yet Phukette?

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You're awful eager to on see them, why would that be?
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I think they are amazing jeans and want to see what you look like in them!

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Yea but you're very eager.
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he knows they're very tight and wants to see your package 634.giffing22.gif

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I bet you wouldn't mind either freeradical82! icon_wink.gif
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I figured as much freerad.
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Are you trying to make me out as a slut?
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Great outfits guys. 

PJBUK, i have those slammers too, they are too wide for me now.  but you wear them very well.

Phukette, nice 803W, blue eyecon.  it is a beautiful wash.


no jeans today.  Diesel Least leather jacket (old, but amazing jacket), Zara denim shirt, Zara black corduroy pants, Allsaints jumper



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Great outfit dieselolic! You've got some great style there bro, a good eye for fit and layering.
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Hope you've all had a good holiday and you can all get into your jeans still !!


Alreet for Aahz out there with palm trees and sunshine but all looking good. qtj0ker them new Fanker look ace, Paul you carry off your Slammer 73J stylishly and Phukette those Darron 803W shine a gorgeous blue in the sideways photo.


I distressed my old Thanaz 8FH some more, a bit more bleach some holes now with backing. Starting to look the business !!



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Great outfit dieselolic.. love the jacket esp .

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Nice outfit Dieselolic, great looking cords.

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Shioner 801A

AllSaints Kenmore Shirt

Diesel Cardigan

Diesel Glenn Boots

Chrome Vega Bag




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Nice outfits evreyone!
803w looks awesome, can't wait to get them.
I really likes the dieselolics outfit, looks pretty mysterious.
801a is the only wash that sunlight doesnt do good to the color, though it doesnt seems hurt Aahz photo.
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Hey everyone, it's been a while and I see peomle here still have great taste!!

Well i'm going to buy a pair or two now that I have enough money.

I'm going to sell my 8x2 28x32 to buy it in 27x30 since mine stretched too much. Do you think i can size down? All my jeans usually fit me well in w28 but the 8x2 stretched too much, i don't get it.

And also, i'm 1m80, is it okay to go from L32 to L30?

Thanks and I hope you were all spoiled =)

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