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Realdealornot, superb fit bro! What wash/cut is it?
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Safado sized down to W30 normally W31.. Not sure it's the cut for me now.. Any advice.. [
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Cheers phukette they are the shioner 880w in training lost a lot of weight so first skinny pair.. Figuring out if safado is my cut anymore..
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I prefer the shioner on you, better fit IMO. The safado look a little big on the waist. I'd say if you sized down they shoukd be ok.
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Karacho, your style is second to none! Braddom 887D pics are THE BEST I've seen on this forum. FACT!

Thanks buddy!
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Phukette I did size down IMO icon_wink.gif guess thavar would work for me icon_wink.gif
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Originally Posted by toulouz View Post

@ Realdealornot .. well done they look awesome. Now you have done it you wont want to go back to boot cut, well I never.

@ Pinykatz .. Your Nudies gonna be well tight, they only stretch a little and Nudies come nearer your real size. I think you need 2 over your Diesel size in Nudies.
Even though they are 100% cotton?
I tried on both a 32 and a 31, which I was able to get into but a little tight. The salesgirl said to go with the smaller size:(
I thought I learned my lesson with my thavars (looks like im carrying around a pound of poop in my ass)
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Today I'm wearing my Thavar 801C and my new Ted Baker Jacket





Tonight for the traditional 12 pubs of christmas pub crawl I decided to copy karachos style with my thanaz 804M albeit without access to a bow tie and braces instead I used a leather tie from zara and layered my leather jacket with my Ted Baker overcoat. Not as cool as karachos but I'll never be that cool! 








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nice phukette :D have fun tonight!

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Fun? It's a safe bet I won't even remember my name by the end of it. We have pub crawl professionals who have decided to make things "interesting" tonight. I've cancelled everything for the next few days as I'm sure my hangover will be colossus.
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sounds fantastic, as I am a great drinker myself :D

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Always nice to meet a kindred spirit!
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Phukette - Looking good in the 801C ... love that pair myself. 

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Some really nice and stylish X-mas (alike) outfits guys!!

For Baltimore, some more pics of my Shioner 74y. Gotta find a better way to make fit pics.

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Sunday Lunch Out

Thanaz 8NE

Aldo Tan Boots 

Theory Brown Blazer

Brown Gingham Shirt 

Brown Diesel Belt














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887d is still the best when it comes to herringbone pattern IMO, and karacho you put that outfit together so nicely. Love the Bowtie touch.

Is that chrom shoe?
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Wow, karacho....... just wow!


Fantastic outfit PJBUK.


And Phukette, love your style as always. You look ready for anything tonight.

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Thanks Aahz, I've got Wambazi wooden dollars, thrush pills, gore tex, russian dictionary all stuffed into all these pockets. And spare socks. Good job I've got all these extra jackets with pocket space.
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Yep, that should about cover it.

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Phukette, love those grey Thanaz 804m. I love the simple style with the black shirt and tie andno belt. Really nice simple look that you carry off well.


PJBUK, the Thanaz 8NE look great on you.


Ramirez, good look on the Shioner...I really like this cut myself!

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Ramirez thanks for the pics. How's the patched area on the knee... no problem with that?
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Nope, it's not stiff or something. Doesn't make the leg look strange or anything like that. Reinforced the other knee as well with stretch denim, to prevent getting a hole by bursting my toe through the stitching. (Did that ones with an expensive self edge nudie.. I was so sad..)
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I feel ya, did that many times with 8x2 and others icon_biggrin.gif
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@dieslicious: yes chrom shoes;)

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Phukette,great look tonight enjoy...

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