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Express varsity jacket

Express long sleeve T

Thanaz 8S9

Converse sneakers



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And a quick change of outfit ad bam! I'm ready for the night out!
Thanaz 887K and
Allsaints(surprise, surprise) Spires blazer.

Sorry about the poor quality pics, it's dark here now and I had to rely on big light. But I'll be doing a post on that blazer tomorrow in the allsaints appreciation thread!
Damn this mobile upload is handy, I'm doing this in the taxi into town!
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Great outfit for the night Phukette!!

Here's my new Thavar 880G, which I bought after a great tip from a very kind person here!!

Uploads directly from phone. Love this option and new mobile forum style!

G-star shirt
Junk de Luxe cardigan

With Blue Blood leather jacket

Junk de Luxe shirt
Diesel cardigan
HUB boots

Shioner 805A with my new McGregor boots

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Ramirez! I applaud your style! All outfits look fantastic!
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Fit pics safado 804K 'you guys think I can get a way with a SHIONER or THAVAR cut?


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nice outfits ramirez and phukette


demonstrative I guess this must be darron 8mz?


for me again Krooley 801N, fell deeply in love with them :D



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Thavar 8x2

my new ALDO boots which were 1/2 price in the sale and i really like them 

Ted Baker Knit 

Superdry Hunter Jacket (2nd Set) Ted Baker Blazer (1st Set)

*2nd set are a tad blurred sorry)










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^^Great outfits PJBUK!
I really like the blazer, very stylish!!

@Karacho: you have a really good style. They give me a 'laid back' feeling.
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great krooley karacho!

are the shoes diesel ?

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Yep, Darron 8MZ. :)

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Whats the fit like :) 

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Originally Posted by PJBUK View Post

Great outfit Phukette.  I think that All Saints  Denim Jacket and me are going to have to come together with a purchase !
Allsaints are having promotion at the moment. 25% off when you enter the code WINTER at the checkout. Excludes leathers and archive.
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Banana republic sweat jacket

NY Mets shirt

Diesel Black Gold jeans

PF Flyers Albin sneakers



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@ Gpoop .. your black gold look ace .. denim need not be blue.


@ Phukette .. lovely outfits, Spires All Saints blazer is a timeless jacket, always looks good !


@ Ramirez .. Me also just got Thavar 880g's .. like them a lot and they fit you well man.


@ Demonstrative .. Really like your bird tee .. I'm a bit of a twitcher really !! Yeah honest.


@ Karacho .. Krooleys look ace .. I have one pair atm and only worn them twice but they are very soft demin and easy to wear.


@ Paul (PJBUK) .. Damn that Ted Baker blazer is uber smart my man .. I like it plus all your attire.


@ Denim Collecter .. Excess 8ml looking good, never been able to afford that range myself :)


I had a grey day today, went out this evening in River Island waxy jacket, black Moschino scarf and shirt, Heeven 8FH jeans and my favourite Hudson boots:




Also this afternoon been sculptering some old Diesel Thanaz 8FH: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/195992/tepphar-8y9-turbo-progress-and-diy-with-pics#post_1767110

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Toulouz - DBG isn't too too bad... just keep checking them out on eBay or Yoox. i got mine w/ Quettingen and he hooked it up!!


PJBUK - that Ted Baker blazer is money! nice man.

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CHI-TIGHT-A pants ;)




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Wow, everyone is looking good. A lot of classic washes coming out to play, everyone making them look good.


@ realdealornot


Love your 804K. The wash looks real dirty in your pictures, better than on the Diesel website....


@ demonstrative


I too love your bird tee. Where is this from?


Today Im rocking double denim again.....  ;-)


Sunday Work Clothes Tee

Burton Zip up Hoody

Diesel 'Jhima' Jacket

Krooley 880W

Vans Navy and Brown



1000 1000 1000


Theres probably a little bit too much whiskering, fading, distressing and general denim'ness going on in this entire outfit, but I dont care.


Really excited at the moment, my Darron 880R arrived today. Ive got DBG Excess 8ML on the way from a Diesel outlet store, Tepphar 804K will be here Wednesday and I just picked up DBG Excess 81C from YOOX for £69. Will post pics in the 'latest purchases thread' once they all get here.


YOOX seem to have knocked a loda money off a lot fo their gear again, well worth taking a look!


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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Allsaints are having promotion at the moment. 25% off when you enter the code WINTER at the checkout. Excludes leathers and archive.

Doesn't seem to work for me - I tried and it said "Sorry, but that promotion is valid for full priced items only."

but the jacket is full priced - so am very confused !

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Did you order off the UK website?

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Yes, its because its in the "archive" collection and the offer excludes "Archive"


@ Leftvapor - loving the double denim.

where are you getting your DBG 8ML from ? been looking for a pair 

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Does anyone know when the sale starts on the official diesel site? An estimate would be great too.
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Well that sucks. They just seemed to have tossed all the good stuff into the archive and excluded it from the sale. I wanted the ruin leather shirt and its also excluded. I'll have to wait for the sale so.
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Thanks bud! I actually called up the Diesel Outlet at Bicester and asked if they had a couple of pairs of Thavar and Thanaz I was after. I have called before and knew full well that even if they had, in the past they had told me that they cannot do telephone sales, so I would have to go in. I live 5 hours away. But anyway, for some reason I still called and asked. They didnt have them so I asked if there was a DBG outlet anywhere as there were also some Excess I wanted, and the chap told me they had some stuff there. So he had a look for Excess 8ML and 8BT for me, and he had 8ML in a 31 for £80.

I will post fit pics when they arrive. Its worth calling them though bud if your after a pair!


@ outlandos


I am pretty sure it will be anywhere around mid December.

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