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Originally Posted by leftvapor View Post

Yeah me too. Keep me posted if you find out! Would love to give it a go.


Suit 'Polkadot' Button Down Sweater
All Saints 'Tonic Crew'
Tepphar 8Y9 Turbo
Nike 'Oasis' Tweed

I have been doing some DIY on my Tepphars, and I think they look pretty cool. Im about to start a thread with some pictures for those who are interested...

@leftvapor NICE turbo 8y9, how many days without wash is your turbo jeans? I have my koolter 8y9 and not even close to your wash. Can u take pic from the back side too? Thanks
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Leftvapor, great outfits as usual.  please do pass on any instructions/tips/advices you have on restoring stackings.  one of my favorites are the 8x2, and i'd love to get that stiffness and stackings back on those. 


Shioner 801A

A/X leather jacket

sorry for the poor lighting..took it at night





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thouse turbos look nice leftvapor

today darron 8zz and diesel shir


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Thanks for the comments Guys


Now about to start a new thread based around DIY on my Tepphars. I also have an issue with my 8X2, I got mine from ebay and the had obviously been washed as all the creasing, stacking and 3D effects had gone. Im actually debating buying a brand new pair at the moment because I dont wear mine much at the moment. And they are an amazing wash.


Nice outfits @ Dieselolic and @ arschloch


Love the Shioner on you. Not to familiar with the Darron but these look awesome on you. Like the turn ups with your shoes!

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@ Aahz, Hamer shirt looks awesome, fits very well !


@ Arschloch, looking good in Darrons, I really like the photos with the sun streaming in and catching the demin, it makes so much difference.


@ Mr E, Front picture is too dark to see the detail but personally I am not familiar with Safado 8M5. But you like them and thats the most important thing. We certainly don't want to dress as some culture like a regular uniform. Individualism should speak out.


@ Leftvapor, I'm really interested in "crafting" my own style on what could be a fairly bog standard Diesel jean. I did a pair of Deisel cut offs back in summer using sandpaper, bleach, craft knife scratched holes, paint splatter. I posted here praps u can remember? But the stacking starch is new. I have also read you can soak them in diluted PVA and dry with crease stacking. Even use lots of clothes pegs to hold stacks whilst drying. I've got a plain pair of Safado 8AA which I picked up for a song off eBay, I will have a go in the next week and post my results.


I bought a pair of dirty red Thanaz today off eBay, can't wait to receive them cos they look really nice. No idea what the wash is but they look genuine. The red is really dirty. Fit pics soon.



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Tepphar 804K






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@ Phukette


Love your Tepphar. These are one of three pairs left on my current season wishlist (along with Shioner 805A and Thavar 801C). How do they fit, are they the same as other Tepphars (887V, 8W3, 8NA, 881W etc). Awesome outfit combo with the cardi and trainers. Really looking forward to getting these, Im waiting for 30% off though!

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Thanks leftvapor! I'd size down 1 for a more slim fit. The lyocell as usual makes for a slightly looser fit so size down. And these are nice but I don't think they are worth the full price. Waiting for the sales is the right thing to do. As for the 801C, I wasn't a fan of these at the beginning but I really like them now and you all know how I feel about 805A, they are seriously awesome.
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yah i'm waiting for the 801C to go on sale as well.......  those 804K are nice looking! when Diesel online had the 30% off I couldn't pull the trigger then all the sizes got sold......  801C is on my wish list for this season...

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Phukette, those Tepphar look far too big to me. I know I like them tight but they are too loose I think! Sorry

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It's a fair point Lee and all constructive criticism welcome! And I'm inclined to agree with you on that. I dont think tepphar is my cut but they are very comfortable with the extra room so I just wear them around the house. I actually think I'll sell em to make room in the wardrobe for 807C.

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casual friday with 886B


Konga shoes



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Thought I would try my own fit pic sorry if the pic isnt that clear. Thoughts on the Thavar fit?



 I have tried a few Thanaz and none seem to fit as comfotably as the Thavar for me.


Thavar 8W7

Superdry jumper

Aldo shoes

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Originally Posted by Levislad View Post

Good fit on the Safado 882B zrxnha! Welcome to DB.


Today I am wearing Tepphar 8NA with my Diesel hoodie that I know none of you really like








And pictured with my Diesel denim shirt my new Shioner 886a









Clothes pants all

Very fit. It's very nice, I like


My English is poor。^_^

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All diesel



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I thought I would take advantage of the TKMaxx £19.99 Safado 882B offer! They arrived yesterday and I wore them for non-uniform day at school for BBC Children In Need. I am also sporting a Mo for Movember!







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nice, the wash, the fit, and of course le moustache :D

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Very nice fit Lee! They look great on you man.
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Everyone looks great.  Love the 886b, karacho.  Here are mine


shioner 801a



shioner 886a




with Allsaints leather




shioner 880w with diesel jean jacket



with zara coat




chi tight corduroy with diesel cardigan




thavar 8x2






thavar 886b with zara coat



with proforated leather jacket




that's all.  sorry for flooding.  Happy friday!  :)

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Dieselolic they all look great! Might I even say sexy? Hahah
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@dieselolic WOW your jeans look amazing! All of them!

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Looking good Lee, my those Safado's from TK Max were a real bargain !!


And Dieselolic, great wardrobe you have and I agree all look amazing :)

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Dieselolic, great fit pics!! Just like Levislad said, in a straight way though, smexy pics. icon_cool.gif
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Shiit I need to go back to the gym icon_biggrin.gif
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