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hello :)


I search a keychain but where i can buy them?


Here a pic :)


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DBG Excess 8BT

Allsaints Lex shirt

Allsaints Valkyrie cardigan


NYC subway whilst it was still dry :)




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Today my current favourite pair,

Shioner 880W

Zara Long Sleeve Tee

Allsaints Archive Leather Jacket

Lacoste Hameda Plims




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incredible color, perfect wash

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Phukette, great outfit. Love the Shioner.


Me today

Thanaz 8B5_Stretch,

Topman shirt

Diesel v neck jumper which is more jade blue than the pictures







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not really fit pics but i took some close up pics of my thavar 802J with my dslr camera this weekend so figured i'd share.  really love this wash!




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Levilad that's an awesome wash!

Phukette, great outfit! I'm a huge fan of leathers. And allsaints make them really fitted, great style, great quality of leather and isn't super expensive compare to others.

I'm really starting to like those shioner 880w now. Can anyone help me find them in my size? W29 L30 or L32.
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I think yoox have them, try there...
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I did see the wash on there but I think they're krooley unless I'm wrong. Can u send me a link if its not too much trouble?
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I though it was shioner . Size 29 is on eBay for 260 bucks.:/
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Yea I saw that. Not a good price.
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Originally Posted by Aramis View Post

incredible color, perfect wash


Great Shioner, love the 880W myself !

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I knew I wasn't hallucinating, grab it fast before it will be sold out.
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Shit! It doesn't work for US customer. Bummer. Thanks tho
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Just switch from the netherlands to usa.

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2 outfits:


Thavar 8X2

Allsaints Moreland shirt

Allsaints Rok cardigan

Partridge duffle





Thanaz 887K

Allsaints Shibuya shirt

Allsaints Form blazer







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Must be my mobile phone at first. Check out complete! Much thanks to all!
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@ Phukette .. those Shioner 880w's certainly look stunning .. the blue really glows !


@ Lee .. I love the light grey to dark in your 8B5's. Haha what's that? in 2nd picture you are wearing a fez .. oh no its your light shade !!


@ Freerad .. Certainly a different angle to view your jeans looking straight down, good photos.


I'm still not too sure about my flash indoor photos, took some tonight with my phone cam on 10 secs delay but they are not very bright but here goes:


My everyday attire, well for last two days:


Safado 8AA, Rockport walking boots and All Saints shirt with side pockets, I have really gotten used to wearing this shirt a lot, I find the side pockets are really handy for hands walking up the street this colder weather and carrying keys, spectacles, etc.



My new River Island black leather jacket arrived this morn so will be wearing it tonight up the pub.

with Heeven 8SH and leather Timberlands and no name T





Or with Diesel cotton and cord shirt and Hudson boots?



What do you think looks best? Our pub is very easy going, so no formalities needed

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@ Aahz, you just pipped me to the post, yours came up whilst I was composing.


But stunning, looks more like a fashion shoot in your surroundings !!


Thanaz and Thavar look amazing with your Allsaints gear complete with scarf and pocket handkerchief.


Super photos, you cannot beat the great outdoors !


Much inspiration to us all !!

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Aahz, awesome style!

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Aahz - I like to say you're at Whistler BC, but probably not cuz its most likely got more snow now compare to the photos..... but awesome fit pix.

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Close!! I'm in Vail, Colorado. ;)


Nice jacket, toulouz. I'm liking it with the timberlands.


Thanks all for the comments. :)

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8LP + ninja wool hoodie




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