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shoes levislad, shoes!!

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Looking good Lee, when you put your shoes on, lol. That cardi looks cozy and really needed now, damn parky this weekend!


Aramis .. I  like stories with a happy ending .. looking good m8 !


Phukette .. much better fit pics on your Tepphar.


After a comment that my new Heeven looked a trifle long I am going to get them shortened, plus a few other pairs I have. I have been torn between 30 leg or 32 leg for extra stacking all this year and have some of each. But decided perhaps 32 is OTT.


But I will use the shortening method of preserving the original hem: Just in case some of you do not know this method some good youtube vids exist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdXxRuIqBh4

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Today Safado 880I and Diesel cardigan

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Originally Posted by leftvapor View Post

The second picture demonstrates the colour of these better. Turns out, theres actually a tale behid them as well. They arrived about a month ago, but they looked kinda small compared to the rest of my Thavar. These are a 30x30. I tried them on and couldnt even get the fly zipped up. Gutted. Didnt know what to do with, I listed them on ebay, didnt sell for what I had hoped so they just sat there at home. For some reason last night, I decided to give them another go (even though I am pretty sure I have not lost weight), and somehow I managed to get them on. I figured I would walk around the hosue in them in the hope they would stretch, and now I am wearing them for the first time.
Not bad for £85? Been after them for ages, and even though they arrived a month ago, still feels like I have got a new pair of jeans!

My Krooley 880W arrived yesterday as well, fit pics to follow!

Man, I see they fit you very tight, which gives actually a really good fit but I'm sure it's not very comfortable. It's even hard to take the stairs I know it. And with 8ne, that shit won't stretch. I had 28, now 29, I think 30 would fit me best... unfortunately the waist will be freaking big then.
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Originally Posted by PJBUK View Post

Me today,
Antony Morato Top
Nudie Lab Tim Jeans
Diesel Tan Belt
Aldo Boots.


Nice jeans man.I am quite interested in nudie.
I was thinking of trying grim tim and tape ted.. Can anyone recomend me.which one would be slimmer?im looking for tapered fir with enough space for the thighs...like darron or iakop
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Hey guys, well here I am wearing my favourite jeans, Thavar 8x2, for my 21st birthday. My girlfriend bought me this "school bag" for college (2nd pic) and said she would also buy me a Diesel pair of jeans of my choice (hesitating between a new Shioner 880w or a Tepphar 887v)





Girlfriend present to go to college




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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Finally I found a way to make better fit pics,


Tepphar 804K

Diesel K-Ocalani Knitted Crew

Lacoste Leather Plims



really good fit, did you sized up alot on that pair ? because it's not "skinny" at all like other tepphar fit pics i usually see :) btw i'm usually a 29 or 30 diesel, do you think i  could go for a 31 on thavar to have that kind of fit ?

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I got my usual size W32. The lyocell washes are usually a liitle roomier anyway. A lot of people size down to get a slimmer fit coz tepphar are alittle roomier in the thigh than thanaz.

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My new Diesel tshirt and new Tepphar 8NA_Stretch







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Thavar 802K

Diesel Grey V-Neck T

River Island Check Chambray Shirt

River Island Ankle Boots





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Your thavar iron grey 802k looks much darker in the photos than mine, my braddom looks lighter than yours, and I still don't know if i should keep it or not. It's so fucking short, I'll measure it later, but IMO the inseam is about 30.5, that's really short for 6.2 like me!
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Theyre not as dark as the 886B but dark enough. Thats a pity about the length, I didnt have any probs with the length on these. We're the same height and 30.5" woul be way too short for me.

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I usually wear ankle boots so it doesn't really problem, but when I sits it rise above the shaft by 2 inches revealing my sox. That's kinda annoying icon_mad.gif
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Ah I see, that would annoy me too but those jeans are expensive and I dont think its worth keeping them if you arent 100% happy and you can always get a longer length.

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Hi all, Tephar 8NA looking good Lee and I like your grey Thavar 802Ks Phukette, I am recently into greys and blacks.


I went round next door to my lady tailor this morning, with a vid on my tab on how to hem jeans retaining original hem and my grey Heeven.


She latched on to the idea immediately and there and then, while I watched hemmed my Heeven by 2". Which meant inner fold was 1".


Brill result and the beauty is you can always let them down if needed. She was like lightening, I would say it only took 10 minutes !


New hems below:




And inside you can see the folded section which has a second line of stitch to ensure it does not droop down. If desired this can be tacked up or stuck with copydex. This folded section is 1" for a 2" reduction in length. I have tried them on and great result. Thought you guys would like these details.



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My tailor is a very cranky eastern european lady who insists on doing it this way and the result is always flawless. It looks good anyway tolouz!

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What do you mean "longer length"? It comes on one inseam(label says w31) only.
The stripes are really visible, ecpecially on the crotch area.
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Oh yeah, forgot about that.

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Pretty Green 'Navy 3 Pocket Hooded Jacket'.

Ted Baker polkadot polo.

Tepphar 8QS

Cheap Boat Shoes


700 700 1000


Matalan Jumper

Thavar 8880M

Navy Vans


700  1000









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Originally Posted by toulouz View Post

Nicely done. I used to work in a fashion store and that;s the way we hemmed the jeans as well. Most people were suprised when we said: It will only take 15 minutes and did it ourselves. A man behind a sewing machine.. icon_surprised.gif

I prefer to get rid of the folded fabric, because after a couple of wears they;ll stack on top of the folded section and not at the hem. You can easely cut it off. Don;t slip, else you;ll have a hole in your jeans..
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really like the 880I wash.


Phukette nice fit on your thavars!

Toulouz now we want to see fit pics of the hemmned heeven ;)


today shioner 74Y, sized up on these, stiff as hell



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my first ever fit pic.  took it on a lazy Saturday.  the good old Thanaz 8b9







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Great fit dieselolic.

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I checked the lenght, its the same as thanaz 887k, I always felt 887k is short but since its skinny and really slim, it really hugs the legs so its not really a problem, braddom is the opposite. Shioner 801a(l32, but it runs longer) is almost 2 inch longer.

This is how braddom 802k iron grey looks on the site:                                         This is how thavar 802k iron grey looks on site:

(mine looks exacly the same, finally an accurate photo from diesel)                    It looks exacly like yours.                              





Your photo looks dark, but it still look like the thavar photo. irl it looks like the thavar or braddom photo?

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yeah that thavar pic looks quite accurate to mine. pity about the length, I have had no probs with the length of either 887K or 802K. You must have longer legs than me.

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