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Few outfits to report....

Farah 'Alvin Tee                                                  Sinstar 'Bulletproof' Tee                                               River Island Tee
Krooley 888R (31x30)                                         Shioner 8X8 (30x32)                                                    Diesel Jhima Jacket
Nike Blazer Low Vintage                                     Vans True White                                                          Diesel Shioner

                                                                                                                                                                 Nike Blazer Low Vintage




Just seen that NewYorkSpeed have Thavar 888P in my size. Been after them for ages but even with the discounts, after shipping to the UK they will probably cost me retail. :-(

Going through a bit of a Footwear phase, got a pair of customised Nike Blazers on the way from NikeID too. Still after Tepphar 804K, the Blue Eyecon Shioner and Thavar 888P.



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Leftvapor, krooley 888r fits you the best!!! Super wash.

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Diesel Thanaz 8LP

All Saints Rok Crew

TopMan Warlord Plimsoles




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@groundy, love the knit man!
@leftvapor, stylish as always man!
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My new New Fanker 801A. These aren't available in the USA but luckily Phukette got em for me.

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Look sharp man....... I really love my Shioner 801A too... looks amazing w/ boots.

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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

@groundy, love the knit man!
@leftvapor, stylish as always man!

 Cheers dude, only wish it was as warm as it looked (open weave) lol!

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Dude that New Fanker 801A looks great on you. How is the fit ? is it true to size ? i wear zatiny 32 X 32 is the fit same as zatiny ? And yes PHUKETTE is a great guy. I am regular buyer from him :)

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Wearing Safado 804K which i bought from (phukette)




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Looking good buddy!!!
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Thanks, that Safado 804K is awesome! Yes, the 801A is true to size. I wear the same size in the New Fanker and Zatiny.

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@ Phukette Thanks icon_smile.gif

@ Qtjoker 1980 Thanks. Its a great wash, IRL its even better .

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cool outfits leftvapor!


Joker I think these Fankers were made for you, superb fit, looks awesome.


oldschool again with Thanaz 8b9


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^ Thanks man, you can pull skinny jeans off pretty well, wish I could.

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Cheers for the comments guys...

@ qtj0ker1980 Cool wash, I have this is Shioner!


@ denim addict love the wash on these too, Im hoping to pick them up in Tepphar ASAP

@ karacho, cool as always. I have nothing else to say :-)


Few more from the past few days at work.....

All Saints h/s Merino Cardigan
All Saints Tonic Scoop
Debenhams Scarf
Shioner 74Y (31X30)

Diesel woven belt

Vans True White




Topman Polkadot Sweater
Diesel Benard belt

Tepphar 8W3 (32x30)

Vans True White



Sinstar 'Her Name was Daisy' Tee

Diesel woven belt

Tepphar 887V (31x30)

Diesel 'Idol' Suede Boots











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Nice boots man and I really like your 1st outfit alot.

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Amazing polkadot sweater Leftvapor!


Yesterday was probably one of the latest days I wore my 888p's this year, since I don't like to wear light washes when it's all grey, rainy and winter-ish outside. But on the other side, they match really well with dark fall-ish colours..


All Diesel


Today my thanaz 8880K with Diesel shirt and Boss shoes. I really have a love-hate relationship with these jeans. When I bought them they only had 28/30 and 30/30. Since I couldn't button the 28, I took the 30's, which where tight at that moment, But now they're to big at the waist! The fabric is a bit strange, I got the feeling it's a bit strechy, it's thin, and because of that all I get a saggy ass.. But the legs are really good and I very very mucho like the color!! So I just pair them with sneakers and a hoody when winter comes.

Maybe one day I'll find a 29/30 or even a 28/30 for a bargain, so I can replace them.


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Thavar 8X2

Allsaints Depot Parka

Vintage Shoe Co. Boots









Joker, those new fankers are incredible!

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Hello my friendsicon_smile.gif. I want to ask you, you look cool in shionerclap2.gif, I envy all of you, my friends. Please tell me how experts shioners are they at the waist as tanaz??????I just do not know at all ..... Can I wear them with slack. Tavare has a high waist, it is higher than tahnaz????? .... please help me.icon_idea.gificon_idea.gif


I can wear them with sagging?icon_exclaim.gificon_exclaim.gificon_question.gificon_question.gificon_question.gificon_question.gificon_question.gificon_question.gificon_exclaim.gificon_exclaim.gificon_exclaim.gif

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Shioner fits like thanaz. The rise of thavar is indeed higher than them.
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Going out ....Krooley 886P, Diesel Sweater and Diesel Yell Boots...

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@Aahz, Thanks. That 8X2 is amazing.

@Relentless, Looking good man. Which boots do you like better, Cassidy or Yell?

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You'll be pleased to know I have bought a royal blue Diesel cardigan and a green jumper. I will post pix as soon as!


Leftvapor as ever, love your style! Love the Tepphar.

Ramirez great Thavar and Thanaz. Thanaz fit great.

Aahz, the 8X2 look great!

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So many great fitpics icon_biggrin.gificon_cool.gif
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Originally Posted by qtj0ker1980 View Post

@Relentless, Looking good man. Which boots do you like better, Cassidy or Yell?

Def. Yell!!!!

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