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So many academics! I am doing my Masters Degree at the moment. I have three distinctions and a merit do far and I am starting my dissertation in September!
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Shioner 880W

Allsaints T

Allsaints Shirt

Lacoste Trainers


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That's very good lee! And you're a teacher to boot! Studying while working full time is not easy. And getting such high marks. Kudos bro.
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we have good scientific community here!))

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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Shioner 880W

Allsaints T

Allsaints Shirt

Lacoste Trainers


I like this wash in shioner. they do not have spots and is very good. perfect.

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The Saddock inspired outfit!!

Braddom 888P

Allsaints Trinity Tonic T

Allsaints Lewes Jacket

Diesel Kunha Boots




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Really nice! I tried braddom 888p 28x30 and the fit was so great, much better than thavar/thanaz. I had the feeling that the leg opening was 17cm, like thanaz. Unfortunately too expensive after 30% off 250eu.
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I quite like the fit of braddom once it's well sized down. The waist and ass doesn't stretch huge like thavar/thanaz. Maybe that's just due to the smaller size. Either way. They wear better over time.
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Wow we really have some learned folks here!! Levislad, Phukette and Aramis pale my art degree into insignificance. Good luck with your thesis Aramis. Because I locally achieved an HND Art I only needed to go to Uni for 2 years to graduate in 2004. Damn cheap then compared to today's fees !


Some good ideas with the outfits guys.


I got a great deal off eBay last week, brand new pair of Darron 73N for £15-16 (9 bucks) (unwanted bd present)


They arrived this morning so tried them on and fits well imo, i'm not wearing a belt just to try them but would normally do so.




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Saddock inspired outfit #2

(Just a little bit overdressed 653.gif)


Thavar 888p

G-star boots and belt

We are Replay tee

H&M Jacket

JC Rags Scarf

WE hat





Could be a new thread..


And some little detail: got my master degree as well. (Policy, Communication and Organization, MSc)

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Saddock must be so proud!
Toulouz Darron look great. Good fit. But need a belt! 😉
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Looking cool Ramirez, those 888P's fit well with G-star boots !


And another Masters Degree toboot !

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I'm on holiday in Dorset so I will post pix when I get back
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Wow, I would have never expected so many people to have so much education here.


I've got a B.S. in molecular biology and I'm working on my master's degree in molecular genetics right now.  Kudos to everyone!

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Working on a Masters in Digital Forensics. :D

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@ Phukette. quote: Toulouz Darron look great. Good fit. But need a belt! ?


Haha you never read what I said; I said it was a just a try-on and I always wear a belt. But thanks the endorsement of the fit, I was also pleased with the good fit.


@ Kevpwnsu. Amazing another BS going on for a master's in molecular genetics !! That's amazing.


I'm losing count of the academics of our regular members? I wonder what Denim Collector's qualifications are? He's just a tremendous photographer and I really enjoy his photoblog.

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Denim collector has a photo blog??
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Yeah link is on his profile Phukette
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Good luck Demonstrative. A Master's in Digital Forensics sounds fantastic and pretty rare !

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How can I add pix taken on my iPhone?
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Hi Lee, hope your hols are going well.


Well best if you find a cafe or pub with an open wifi. I use my email in box and click the link on a Denim Blog notification to come direct here.


But using phone it only allows you to put a url link up for a photo. So upload your photos to facebook and get the link, then put it in Denim Blog. I've just done a screen shot off my phone in that manner to illustrate it can be acheived as under:


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8bt outside. no photoshop.
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An experiment in double denim. Not sure if I like...

Thavar 801C

Diesel T

G-Star Jim Smart Shirt

Diesel Kunha Boots


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baltimore, no shit... those are too good to be trueicon_eek.gif


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Bad ass wash indeed icon_biggrin.gif I don't always get good washes, but this time I think I got one of the best. You should really consider getting them.

Phukette, I think it's nice, your shirt is darker so it's good.
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