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Originally Posted by Gpoop View Post

You guys are lucky. It's been way too hot to wear my Diesels. :(


Yeah, the same with me. In these hot days I can't wear my Diesel trousers. Just shorts, but I haven't got Diesel shorts.

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Braddom 888P

Allsaints Tonic Crew T in Port


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Those Braddom's look great. The cut looks really balanced.


My pair of 887d has big thighs, so I've been avoiding other Braddoms.

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Not exactly what I'm wearing today -- just planning for a trip whilst trying out 887k dressed up.


Thanaz 887K

Thomas Pink slim fit ivory twill

Jacket from Waterers in St Albans

To Boot Oxfords





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Aahz, awesome! I sized way down on my braddoms.
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Aahz you make me soo excited to get my 887k next week!!!! Love the fit pix
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Larkee 880R
Diesel Lowday sneakers
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Very nice grag, love the shoes & jeans combo. Excellent fit on the larkee
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Thanaz 8880K

Zara T

Diesel Kunha Boots.


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Originally Posted by leftvapor View Post

Glad to see your enjoying you Thavar 880m Lee!


Havn't posted in a while so heres a couple of outfits....


Fred Perry x Liberty Polo

Chino Shorts

River Island Deck Shoes



Just noticed the phone/shirt combo. That's pretty cool. 



Originally Posted by Levislad View Post

Took a school trip up to the Peak District and here are two outfits that I wore.


Thavar 8880m and Diesel polo





Great smiles :)

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Grag, I've always said Larkee is your cut.

Phukette, as always very cool. tanaz has a wonderful color. and I like the bracelet.

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My girlfriend bought it for me at the diesel 5th avenue store when we got engaged. Never leave home without it!
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Thavar 886b, Diesel denim shirt and diesel tshirt

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Wow, those are the best fitting 886b's I've seen!



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Originally Posted by karacho View Post

Tepphar 8YO

Kang shoes

American Apparel shirt



I like the fit pretty much

did u take your usual size or did u size up one ?

coz on me it was so tight on the legs !

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sized up one on these, they are still pretty tight down the knee

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Karacho compare to the 8PKs are they about the same?? I have the Tepphar 8PK in 28s and the calfs are tight but not leggings yet..

today wearing 8PK's.


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I have 8y0 in W31 and 8pk in W30, same in the calves, but 8pk waist is looser ..

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oh and looking very good btw ;)

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Got to wear out out the Allsaints and DBG combo for an afternoon along the coast with my gf.



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no jeans, but sweatpant, acne sweatpant, the most confortable sweatpant I've worn



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Chaser T

Thanaz 73J

Clarks desert boots





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Aahz - love those DBG jeans!!!!!! I have a pair of Excess coming my way too I just hope they will look as good as yours!

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Aahz, awesome and gpoop, you know I'm always a fan!!
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hello, sorry for my recent absence :P

i'm pretty interested in these thanaz but i don't really know what wash is that

2012 thanaz.jpg

can anyone help me pleaz??

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