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For holiday, Thavar 886B+Jcrew shirt. 886b is kinda big on me now. If someone has a w29 and wants to exchange for a w30, let me know. 

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tonight I wore my new SoulCal shirt with matching Thanaz 8Y4




xmbek + lee + ming + dc ,, all look awesome guys .. gr8 jeans and outfits all :)

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Braddom 887D



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@Denim Collector. Thanks.my friend

@toulouz. you look great

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@aahz, love the outfit man!
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Aahz, excellent!!!

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Thanaz 887k, my favorite Diesel so far.

Zara basic v-neck t shirt,

Clarks desert boots

(well the thighs looks a bit wierd in the pictureicon_redface.gif)



This jeans runs small!! It hasnt stretched a bit after wearing it serval times.

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^^^ Great fit and  boots! I LOVE mine! Did you get them in Beeswax?

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Yes it's beeswax, very special color. Now I wanna buy the brown suede one.
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Zatiny 74f

Diesel shirt.

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back again


some of my last outfits


Braddom 888p

Tepphar 882V

Krooley 8nJ



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Those 8NJ look very good on you! You pull off Krooleys really well.
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karachi,one word - NICE ; )


what are the shoes from the first two pics ? they kinda look like diesel thor .. ?

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yes the blue ones are Thor, the brown ones are Kang

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karacho very nice shoes! Do they fit true to size? Same size like your other shoes?
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Karacho, good to see ya back. And looking good. I love your style man.
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Couple of outfits from this weekend,

Last Night:

Thavar 886B

Diesel short sleeve shirt

River Island chukkas




Braddom 887D

Allsaints spider V-neck T

Diesel Chrom-Hi Boots


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@baltimore: usually I have 43 on Diesel shoes, I bought these in 42 and they fit perfect, same with Kongas and Chrom

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Phukette, have your 886B's shrunk because they look well fitted. Better than they were.

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Nope Lee, if anything they've gotten looser as I wear them. Must be the camera angle. I'm training for a marathon and I'm losing weight to beat the band.
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You guys are lucky. It's been way too hot to wear my Diesels. :(

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Originally Posted by Gpoop View Post

You guys are lucky. It's been way too hot to wear my Diesels. :(

It is hot here too (Mississippi gulf coast) but I rock them anyways. It sucks but I struggle on. lol




I am sorry I have been absent a lot lately. I have a lot on my plate with Nursing school, studying/homework, my real job, plus my wife and son. I dont have much time to be online now that the Nursing program has begun. If any of you need anything or have any questions for me, email me at STEVEN@DENIMBLOG.COM ---I will still be here but I may not be able to get on everyday. Emailing me would be the fastest way to reach me in case you have a question. I will still be around but its just not easy for me to get to scanning denimblog anymore. If you see any spam that hasnt been caught by our filters then select the tab at the bottom of the offending post that says "mark as spam". 

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888p thavar


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Tonight 2nd time I wore my Diesel Rising Sun shirt, but this time with Thanaz 8QP & Hudson boots.




Karacho & Phukette .. looking cool as always ! Jeanetic, gr8 that you care for us all so much, you enjoy your family, work and commitments .. we miss you but we don't get much spam, I am sure we can get on for a time as you are busy.


I've been tracking used Thavar 880's on UK eBay .. they went in the end for 33 bids and a princely sum of £158 !! Out of my league !!


But today I experimented on distressing and bleaching denim. I reckon its not too hard to distress a pair to simulate 8x2 or 880's .. more to follow.


I'm off for a week vacation in France on Thursday, so catch you all later.


Happy Diesel !!

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Darron 886A (this is really a great wash)

Rogue Leather Jacket

Cole Haan York Harness Boots








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