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What Diesel are you wearing today? - Page 820

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I feel im on the verge of overtaking this thread....


Chunky Grey Cardigan

All Saints 'Los Paragueros' T-shirt (cut into a vest)

Shioner 74Y

Vans Italian Leather


photo (161).jpg photo (159).jpg

photo (162).jpg

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Ok, so i'm on frustration mode, i'm wearing my jeans in 28x32 but wonder if i shouldn't size down in 27x32 for them to fit perfectly.

I want to buy a pair for winter, i have shioner 880w but was thinking of selling it to get an other pair.

So, this is when i'm asking for your help, could you guys tell me your top 5 washes in Diesel and maybe advice me in what pair that looks like shioner 880w i could get?

Thanks for those who will help me!!

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Some styles from last week:

Thavar 886b/ 888p/ 801c




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Overtake all you like leftvapor! I love seeing your fit pix!

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Ramirez, great fits on your Diesels. Love the denim shirt!

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Ramirez - Sweet Thavar, they all look awesome on you. Clocked the pic of you in your chinos and denim shirt and thought it was me! :-D

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Ramirez - can you pls pls post more pix of 801c??  thanks in Advance!

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Leftvapor, Shioneer is excelent on you! Really your best cut!

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Tnx for the kind words guys!
@leftvapor: Haha.. The 'only' difference are some muscles.. icon_razz.gif
@denimcollector: No problem, I will make some pics this Friday, so stay tuned!
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Denim collector, I have fit pics of thavar 801C on a thread. Here's the link:
Btw, ramirez I love your style. So cool man. You and leftvapor are the some of the best dressers on this blog recently. Really up my street.
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Thanks Phukette - I drooled over your post but just hoping to get more variety icon_razz.gif


will check out the local stores later this month before pulling the trigger..  I'm just not 100% sold on the 8MZ color...

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@ leftvapour .. cool outfits + fine upper body muscles. damn I'm so skinny, lol !!


@ Ramirez .. Thavar looks good on you man, and brill photos.


@ Phukette .. gr8 link n brill job explaining stuff.


My 3 shirts arrived today .. nice! some fit pics soon

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Originally Posted by Gpoop View Post

abercrombie button down

Mets T shirt

Thavar 888P

Clarks desert boots





I like the fit of your Thavar 888P.  Did you buy true to your normal size, size down or size up?  Thanks

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Happy independence Day USA!


safado 71j




my little man in some Diesel--he has a new pair of Diesels being shipped right now. I cant wait


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cute baby and i assume its your wife behind.. nice legs too! as compliment.


Finally got my 1st pair of Thavar.  they are the famous 886B.. I know I'm a bit behind but initially I didn't quite like this pair however it grew on me.


531451_10151069377844540_1834883001_n.jpg 481944_10151069378839540_574976367_n.jpg 545128_10151069379634540_1574479475_n.jpg

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My new white jeans just arrived, they are not Diesel (sorry!!) but I would like your opinion about the fit anyway :)






Do you think they are to tight? AllSaints is the brand btw.

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I think they look good. But white jeans ain't my thing.
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Outlandos they look great! I like them
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Denim Collector those Thavar look hot!
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@Phukette white jeans ain't my thing either, but i am supposed to be dressed in full white this Saturday.

@Levislad thanks mate!

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Awesome combo... What Darron wash is that???


Originally Posted by arschloch View Post

today a new sized down darron and a diesel button up.what do you guys think

Photo on 7-1-12 at 8.18 PM #4.jpgPhoto on 7-1-12 at 8.18 PM #5.jpgPhoto on 7-1-12 at 8.17 PM #3.jpg

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hi,thanks : ) that is darron 8mz ; )

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Thanks Levislad!!


Nice Darron 8MZ!!! that's the color i'm still debating if I need this blue in my collection.... thinking of the 801c...


Today first wear on my 886b... the thighs are tight and hoping to loosen them up a bit.





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Diesel Shioner 74Z



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I have wanted a Union Jack tshirt for a while now but wanted one with something more than just the Union Jack. I spotted this tshirt on the Selfridges website and thought I have to buy it. New Thavar 8B9 too!



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