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Ted Baker UPANDUP Print Tee

Tepphar 8W3

Vans True White


1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg


Cheap Blue Tee

Safado 8AA shorts (Saf-Short - If Diesel were to sell) 

Vans True White


4.jpg 5.jpg

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Leftvapor, you should wear Safado more often. Is that the onluy pair you have, the cut offs?

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Really? Im not a huge fan of how they fit on my thighs. They make them look massive. I appreciate your comments none the less Lee! :-)


But yeah they are the only pair I have. 8YM and a couple of other pairs have come and made a short stay in my wardrobe, but they are to wide on the lower leg!

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@ jr008,

Nice pair of Krooley 882D ,quite fitted.  I always Krooleys were more relaxed but I like them the way

you are wearing them.

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@bobov .. thanaz 8x2's gr8 .. 4 excellent photos


@ timeout .. those hi whites with jeans tucked in are hard to pull off, not for me but you made a good job of it


@ jr008 .. best pics of krooly 882D's ever ! man they look amazing with your moma shoes. you have just captured a brill lighting effect on your jeans !


@ outlander .. shioner 8862's at 34" leg length fit well, looking good


@ jeanetic .. say no more, you are always the coolest dresser and sustain this blog. always ready to help folks and have the most amazing son and family which you share.


@ ramirez .. your last pic looks like pink jeans! nice anyway


@ leftvapour .. you are always cool also, love the cut-offs


Received my first ever Allsaints garment today off eBay .. a check shirt which fits perfectly .. pics l8r


Take care all @ denimblog, if im not posting i am always lurking n learning n watching :)

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wow toulouz, taking the words right out of my mouth! i too appreciate all of y'all.

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I have a question:


I have Tees in M.

I will buy some things from all saints.

Is the size like Diesel?

Should i size down or is the size like other brands like Diesel?


Greetings :)

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I'm M and have just received my very first All Saints clobber, a check shirt and a T and the M fit is perfect

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Allsaints fits the same as diesel in everything but the construction is different, allsaints is more of a regular fit but beware of sizing down as the sleeves and chest can be tight. So go with your diesel size to achieve the allsaints look.
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Yeah, All Saints fits similar to Diesel. Having said that, I take a Small or Medium with Diesel Tees and Tops but only an Extra Small in All Saints Tees and Small with their shirts! As Phukette says, it is a more 'regular' fit...


@ baltimore - Cool 882d. I wish Krooley fit me like it fits you. I think it is actually a really good looking cut, but its not slim enough for me and sits too high on my waist! They always seem to release a lot of the cool washes in Krooley as well, which does my head in. Im now selling my 8NJ's after accepting it just isnt my cut.


Finally got my Shioner 74Y yesterday from Diesel..


Cheap Maroon Tee

Shioner 74Y

Diesel 'Benard' belt

Vans True White


1 (1).jpg 2 (1).jpg

3 (1).jpg


Ive been after these jeans since I saw the preview pics way back in November/December. I was never paying £200 for them though so the minute they went into sale, I picked them up. Glad I did, I love the wash and I think Shioner is definitely my cut. I dont have to keep pulling them up at the back like with my Thanaz. My only moan is that the denim is quite thick so I have to mess about with them to get them stacked well on my trainers. Picked up the belt from fallenhero for £30.

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Mr Leftvapor... how does Shioner compare to Safado? I was thinking about getting 74Y too but wasn't sure whether to size up one.

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thx for your help guys I ordered M :)

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Leftvapor I really like your style! I feel a need to immitate you and buy similar or the same clothes! Those Shioner look good too!
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Laftvapor, looking good man, fun belt! It would look sick with the new herringbone chi-tights.


886B today, pardon the blurry pic. 


Picture 35.png

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@ Dunlah


Im not too familiar with how Shioner differ from Safado, as I only have one pair of Safado and they are cut off shorts. I know that Shioner is slimmer in the lower legs and at the ankle. Maybe one of the Safado experts can help??


@ levislad


Cheers Lee, appreciate your appreciation for my style. ha. I went through a phase of having loads of graphic tees, mostly from all saints, but im trying to go for a more 'clean-cut' style at the moment, striped, patterned or plain tees for the summer. Got my eyes on a couple of Diesel tees but I hoping the sale will eventually go down to 50%. Feel free to imitate, we already both have Thavar 8880m!


@ autodafe


Cheers man, I love the belt too, it was not how imagined though, feels like it could be damaged easily if that makes sense. And there are no belt holes, you have to poke the buckle through the weave.


Your Thavar are outrageous. I have Thanaz 8QP as my grey jean and I still cant decide whether or not I need Thavar 886B. I just love the 3D effects and how the seems  look twisted on all of the worn pictures ive seem. Lookin Sweet!

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That's funny, I always thought I wanted the 8QP more but ended up with these. Wasn't sure about the drastic twisted look before but now I'm sold. These really are outrageous, they fit me best of all my Thavars too, I think. 

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I think I need to try them on then and see if I need them. Having said that, Ive got Thanaz 888I and 888Q, Braddom 660R, Shioner 802A and Thavar 801D on the way. Dont think I have much money left for anything else...

Pics to follow as soon as I get them...
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hi guys

i wanted to ask you for a opinion..

do you think my darron is too loose on me ? i got it in w31 and it stretched more than i wanted and now i saw it on sale at yoox and i am quite tempted to get me a waist 30 and try to sell those ... do you think its worth the effort ?

 Photo on 6-22-12 at 7.52 PM #6.jpgPhoto on 6-22-12 at 7.53 PM #8.jpg

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they look fine to medunno.gif

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They are too loose on you. size or two down

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Leftvapor, how do you afford all those jeans on a teacher's salary? I have gone through threshold and on TLR 2c and can't afford that much!

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Shioner 880W


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@ levislad

To be honest, it sounds worse than it is. Im always buying and selling so I have money in my paypal account that im forever playing around with. Im forever down the post office to send things ive sold, and I pretty much never pay full price for anything. Those 5 pairs ive got coming I got them all at around 50% off, and if they dont fit, I will sell again. Lol. It is a lot of messing about, but im still living at home as well so *no commitments* haha.
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no diesel/ jean today




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Today, Tepphar 8Y9 Turbo-denim and Topman polo



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