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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

Saddock, safado pockets are almost placed on the sides, no way thavar is the same as safado.


Do you see much of a difference? I don't...



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Fuck all difference that I can see.
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Thavar 886B

G-Star Denim Shirt in RAW

River Island Chukkas

Allsaints Archive leather

Took the last snap in the toilets of the restaurant I was in for lunch. I need help...


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Damn, I need to get a pair of those 886B's!

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Phukette, looking so good my man. What kinda belt are you rocking with your 886B when you wear brown shoes?


Gpoop, SSENSE.

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Saddock, must be an optical illusion or something about the cut itself. I swear it looks like Safado pockets are spaced farther apart compared to Thavar in almost all fit pics I've seen.

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I dunno about your pic but safado really differs from thavar:



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yeah yo.




8880K today.


Picture 24.png   Picture 25.png

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Thanaz 70K

Common Projects



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love those common projects.

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i think i figured out the safado pocket situation. safados are lower rise than thavar correct? if so, the placement of the back pockets (vertically on the body) will be different between the cuts. safados (not sagged) puts the back pockets square on the ass, while thavar pockets fall down the butt and onto the thigh. so when you wear safados and don't sag, your ass literally pulls the pockets as far apart as possible. this, i believe, explains it.


edit: damn, i think the rise is pretty similar... i'm lost. thought i was onto something there. 

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Thanks! I do too.  I wear them entirely too much.  I've been trying to find another pair of the Achilles Perforated Summer editions in white, but I can't seem to anywhere for a good price.  May just have to pay more for them and stop whining.

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I got a brown circleos belt fro diesel which I bought years ago. Dark brown in colour and lots of rivets.
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I didn't wear Diesel yesterday. I wore my red, white and blue Levi's shirt for the Queen's Diamon Jubilee Pageant on the River Thames in London. I wore it for the colours. I also wore my Levi's 511 Diamond Blue Slim jeans (not pictured).


I really just wanted to post a patriotic pic that's all! :-)





The Queen was sporting a dashing white number on The Spirit of Chartwell royal barge.


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KG By Kurt Geiger Carnival 2 Perforated Lace-Up Shoes



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Safado 888R

Zara T

Allsaints Archive Leather Jacket

Diesel Lowday Trainers


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Diesel hoodie

express T

Thanaz 8S9

Converse hi tops





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Cool outfit gpoop as always man.
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Wore my Thavar 8880m again and my Diesel polo again today


P6040002 (3).JPGP6040002 (4).JPG

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they look great guys!!!

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ming: is that pair of dsquared raw denim???

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At the Queen's Diamond Jubilee lighting of the Hatfield House Beacon


Still with my Thavar 8880m on.


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You didn't burn the queen?!!! I mean I'm Irish but she's just an old lady who seems quite nice!
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Lovely fit pics guys, Levislad the thavar 8880m suits you great, especially in the last picture, compared to the other people on the picture you can see you have a perfect fit.


Phukette, do you buy all your diesel clothes online? I was in Dublin about a month ago and couldn't find a proper diesel shop or else it was very cheap looking diesel in non official stores. 

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