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That would be awesome, I will be looking out for it! Hopefully Diesel Gold items will go on sale too.

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Thanks Everyone! I'm trying to eye the FW2012 Diesel's.. hopefully to pick up a pair of wrinkled 3D dark blue one.. better if its cool herribone ones.

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Thavar 8X2

Gola Quota



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8x2 is one of the best. ever.


tepphar 8w3 today.


Picture 16.png

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Hey everyone, i went to a concert in Toulouse France and before that decided to stop at the official Diesel store there. They had a few fall/winter collection but didn't have them for sale yet. They showed them to me and some looked really nice. The woman who was guiding me was Italian and her accent was so sexy, hehe, i couldn't resist buying a belt. They're having a summer sale at the end of June and everything will be sold at 50% so i can't wait!!

I just received the Thavar 8x2 that i purchased from Saddock, i love it and will post some fit pics soon ;)

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@ Denim collector,

Nice black Nudie jeans my friend. I own a couple of pair of Nudies myself and man they do fit quite tight.

I notice you are wearing an Energie belt- I think they make great belts just like Diesel.

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Well here they are, the Thavar 8880m that leftvapor sold to me!


They are a little looser than I expected but I still like them. Wearing with Diesel polo.



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Here's a picture of my thavar 8x2. What do you think?




Thavar 8x2

Dolfie shoes

Diesel belt

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Nice 8x2 locky! They look good on you!
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Thanks Levislad, i see you have the thavar 8880m, i love them, also have them. Maybe should have size down one no?

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Locky nice 8x2.


Levislad I think they fit you very good


today Tepphar 881W, but man, they are truly from the dirty new age :D




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All you guys look great. Lee, those 8880M are the best thavar fit I've seen on you. They look so well when they aren't so tight.
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Locky, your 8x2's look like 801c's!!!

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nice fit w then 8880m Levislad, You got a good sag going and they are perfect tightness like phukette said


Karacho, one of the dirtiest diesel washes but I love it


locky, 8x2 fit well. the wash seems different than any other I have seen


kevinpwnsu, your 8x2 are perfect fit for you


Autodafe, I like the tepphar but will they stack? They seem like they would look even better if the hem area wasnt positioned sloppily. But overall the fit is spot on


Love the nudies denimcollector

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Thanks guys! I like them a lot!
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Love them Lee. They look awesome on on you. Think my legs are wider at the top and i must be shorter than you. They really look cool on you, and im glad you like them!
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Karacho and Locky.... Great jeans, great fits. Simple!
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jeanetic, yeah.. they get like that, they have pre-creasing but it's simulating a folded cuff and not stacks. not ideal but they're good, the pic was rushed and awkward.


here's some better stacks for ya, 886B's. finally got em.


Picture 17.png

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Taking 886B's out in nature.



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Very nice fit pic autodafe. How do you feel about the stacking? I think if thavar had 1cm smaller opening leg, it would stack like a bosss. If I look at Levislads fitpics (good fit btw, only I'd sag them a bit), on the back fitpic the stacking is not great, same happened with my thavars (happened because I already tapered most of them to get dior stackings icon_biggrin.gif )

Today I received my 72L, what a beautiful wash! And they are in great condition, props goes to meraki for sending me these, exactly my size.
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I totally agree. I once said on here somewhere that I wished they made a new cut that was the thavar back pocket with a tepphar leg opening. That would indeed be amazing. Having said that, my 886b's stack super nice. Working on a review with close up pics and such... as per request!


btw, sick wash man.

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Actually if you compare, Thavar backpockets are exactly identical as Safado ones...except the little stitching on the upper corners.

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I don't own any Safados but for some reason I was under the impression that the back pockets are also spaced slightly farther apart than on Thavars... proportionately of course. At any rate, that's going backwards! Thavars are perfect the way they are, I just wish there was an inbetween option for us that love the Thavar design but want a slimmer leg opening.

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They look nice Baltimore! I dot think thavar will stack well without factory pressing because of the double stitched inseam
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Very nice 72L Baltimore. Almost as good as mine, haha. Just kidding.
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