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I actually got the idea from you leftvapor! I changed into flip flops before I left the house though. Finally I can do something with those vikers. I really love that wash. .
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I got these Viker 8AT cutoffs from ebay  (already cut down) so I put them on today because it's about 26 degrees! Wore them with my H&M shirt and Birkenstocks.


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Nice cut-offs Lee, yeah I am loath to cut off any of my Diesel so wearing another old pair of Moschino jeans I cut off last year. Brill weather aint it? Sat in pub garden drinking foster shandies all afternoon and will settle to watch the footie soon.


Good outfits Karacho and Phukette, deffo a cool look for this weather with that rolled up style Phukette.


I'm waiting on delivery of my first pair of Darren's wash 8B9, fit pics next week when they arrive :)

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Darron will look awesome on you mate. We were blessed with the weather here in Ireland also. Bad day to do a 10k run though, I was fucking roasted! Still though came home to the missus and family whipping a fab BBQ and have been sitting out supping beer since! Cheers!
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phukette I really like that look!


nice shirt Levislad. I almost bought a similar one at J crew but I couldnt pull the color off as well as you can


two days ago I wore my thavar 886b and (yes I know) RR shirt.



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River Island Rihanna T

Thavar 8X2

Clarks desert boots


(sorry for the poor quality)




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Gpoop and jeanetic you guys look awesome as always guys.
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good look gpoop!



My boy is wearing his new Diesel Tee he got from the diesel sale and he is rocking his diesel sweatpants too


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Your kid is so cute man, you and your wife must be do proud.
And levislad, I just saw your post, very stylish and summery.
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Another crappy picture.




Old Navy

Thavar 886b

Common Projects


I really need to master the art of taking WAYWT pictures.

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So Phukette, what do you think of the Eurovision result? The UK came second to last!
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Can't say I watched it. Jedward give me a pain in my asshole. But fair play England! Second last! Amazing result!
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I wore my new Diesel shirt and Thavar 8X2 at my Eurovision party! Here I am with my housemate and friend.

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Chaser T

Thavar 888P

no name oxfords



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Thavar 8W7

Gola Quota



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@ Lee. gr8 photos of your Eurovision, looks like your decorations are well set to carry over to Jubilee weekend :)


@ Gpoop, cool outfit as usual, 888p's are stunning


@ Kevpwsnu .. haha names get so difficult to remember !! but nice Thavars.


Just back from our pub disco and I went with the balmy UK weather atm, wore my Village custom T, Thanaz 8HK and Nike red trainers, actually red Deisel belt under which you can't see ! Loving this summer weather which allows mad clothes !



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hey guys !

everyone looking really great!

unfortunately GB ranked last but one and France 22th :p...pretty bad results there !


you looking quite relaxed in that outfit toulouz :p

kevpwnsu i'm a 8w7 fan thanks to Marcus :p great choice !

Gpoop everyone knows what I think about 888p, one of my S/S top washes

Jeanetic 886b is the best grey wash diesel ever made, nice choice there ! I should have waited for this one instead of buying 8QP

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Eurovision is pointless. Might as well drop the song and dance and just vote your political ally.

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Well, Eurovision is over and a new week started.


Here are two eBay bargains from me! Thanaz-A in blue (£27) which I wore for school today. Got them because I liked the black ones I have too and blue would give me a choice of colours!




And Shioner 8AA_Stretch which I got for £22.



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great fit Levislad, shioner 8 AA are my favorite

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damn... how you get jeans so cheap....

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Krooley 8XZ - My first Diesel jeans,

Diesel T,

Diesel Lowday sneakers.


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Old Navy Classic V-Neck

Shioner 74Y

Common Projects

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Sans titre.jpg


Thavar 8B9 with Levi's shoes ! 

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My Darron 8B9 arrived this morn, I'm a happy camper :) a little loose on waist but I get fat in winter so be ok. But love the double side seam, gives it a bit more and the wash is gr8. Haha I've patched the holes already, don't like stuff that can rip if you get your toe caught.


I never went out, just fit pics and I was a bit pissed when I did em. lol.




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