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going by the pic it looks fine to me. i would just leave it alone. very very few of the diesel manufactured holes in my jeans have grown so i doubt it would grow too much.

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@Msalonen.thank you~
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baltimore, sorry my bro. these 8KWs are heavily worn


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I forgot to add that the little tear is on the inner-upper thigh, about halfway between knee and top block. Which is why I'm more concerned than if it were most other areas where it wouldn't be under strain or look awkward if repaired.

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Diesel Chi Blado UMF



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demon, like your chino

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I saw a DBG chino that I really liked as well. But, it had a lot of distressing and dirt marks for aesthetics and I was looking for something I could wear to work as well. Least my job allows me to wear jeans, so I should be buying some more Safados. :)

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New 885S, I'm actually growing to like them a loooot. I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing these a lot in the future :)

Wearing my old Air Force 1's from high school haha.


Photo on 2012-05-12 at 22.50 #5.jpg

Photo on 2012-05-12 at 22.59 #4.jpg





Have you tried an iron on patch? They're great for reinforcement and for that exact purpose if I'm not mistaken. It's called Dritz Iron-On Patch from Jo-anne's.

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rizzice, 885s is really a crazy wash. they are pretty and fit you so well. niceeeicon_mrgreen.gif

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Hi guys,

I have to say, there's some nice stuff there ! rizzice, phukette, demonstrative your jeans really fit you well !

Marcus these 8kws look really authentic !but you're getting to the point where you won't be able to call this cut thanaz :p

here is what I wore today

Safado 8YM that I've had tappered ( my right leg looks good, however the one with the hole on it looks weird imo... let me know what you guys think)

2012-05-13 12.10.42.jpg

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Originally Posted by Marcus0528 View Post

baltimore, sorry my bro. these 8KWs are heavily worn



Haha damn, it's worn to death!


Thavar 888j looks something like 8kw, but I think the denim sucks.. on 8kw it's heavy denim right? From the pics of 888j I can tell it's a light denim. I could be wrong.



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numa, they look definitely great both right and left. don't worry bout that. 8YM is the BEST dark blue wash.

baltimore, sorry bro. luckily, i didn't sell them to you cuz they are very very very light cuz of the 3%elastane in them. don't touch 8KW if you love thick denim like i do. you should have told me ya love thick denim!!! if so, 8KW won't be your best loved. when i hold them, i felt like i was holding a piece of paper. those should be "THANAZ-AIR 008KW_stretch" on the tag, like Apple Macboo air.

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Numa, the safado looks great on both legs!!

Finally my 888P came up on rotation!!

Braddom 888P

Diesel V-Neck T

Pepe Jeans Short sleeve print shirt

Allsaints Charge Ballast Blazer

River Island Chukka Boots.


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thank you guys for the feedbacks, I really appreciate :), yeah 8ym is kind of a ''classic'' wash, I like them, I don't own one of the best lab though but still love them =)


Phukette dude, epic wash........there's nothing else to add !

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@Phukette nice. nice. very nice ... ...fing22.gif

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I'm wearing my Diesel denim shirt and black Thanaz 8IE_Stretch again!

Damn I love this outfit.



I know double denim is hard to pull off but what other washes would go with this shirt?

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@Levislad.   This shirt looks nice on you

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Rizzice, good fit and great washes.

Numa1978, your safado fit you pretty good. mine stretched so fast so I put it on closet for a long time. 

Phukette, like your 888p too, it's perfect on you!

Levislad, nice fit. like your shirt, it's great.

Today I wore my 888p and tried a new shirt in fitting room, sorry about my bad pics quality :P


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Sick outfit Pukette!



Abercrombie button down

Express T

Shioner 8L6

Clarks Desert boots





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Gpoop, awesome outfit man!!
Dsense, what shirt is that? I'm always looking for stuff to go with my 888P and that shirt looks great.
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dsense and gpoop you both look great! I wish I could afford some 888P

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ahahha same here, Levislad ! Ty Dsense, you already know what I think about 888p ;)

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Nice everyone is looking great :) Good looks & fits all around bros!

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Every ones looking good, some amazing washes !!


Great party weekend here in UK


Saturday I wore my 8HK with Fly London shoes




Sunday was 8YH. i'm getting to like these a lot



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Thanks Phukette. It's MUJI, a japanese brand. Im glad that you like it too. They made clothes with a plain and comfortable concept, and sold in decent prices.

Thank you, dudes. You all have great looks and awesome fit pics.

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