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nice fit on thavars, aramis. 885b is actually one of my favorite wash this year.

YY, that's alright. yours look more blue than brown which is also pretty nice. mine are rather brownish


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Marcus, as always, is good! This shoe is perfect to all of your jeans

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thank you aramis! i definitely have to grow taller  tho

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m3linj, you need to size down. shioner looks strange.

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You look great .


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I can't size down my legs are too big ^^

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please forgive my terrible english.  Marcus -. -!

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nah, i don't mind at all! my english is not really good actually. 

you look fantastic in tepphars. i can't pull off 8yo as easily as you do. i feel awkward in them :(

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8Y0 party! We all rock em sock em fellas!


yeah @baltimore, they fit great.  icon_biggrin.gif  i love the feel of em, insanely comfy... but i haven't worn a pair of tepphars that weren't ridiculously comfortable honestly. but yeah, they are awesome, love the subtle brown orange color that @marcus0528 was talking about. the stacks are also super neat which is another reason i love tepphars. these are pretty special and i am now definitely trying to hunt down some more nice italian tepphars... 881w, 8pk, maybe a toned down 887v...


i love how the 8y0 wash stacks up the knee naturally. none of my other tepphars seem to do that.


@m3linj looks like you have definitely got enough room in the legs to size down on the shioners... diesels tend to stretch-to-fit really. also, not really crazy about the pointy shoes, dunno looks kinda like your feet are too narrow or something.

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thanks @Aramis, 885b looks great and incredibly BLUE! love the sneaks too. nothing like a nice worn in dirty looking pair of black sneakers. i destroy all of my shoes immediately so they look like that. in the market for black sneakers currently, thinking about some black/grey leather/suede varvatos converse mids. what are yours?

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Quite appt that I also had my Tepphar 8Y0 on today. I also have 8PK, 881W, 8NA, 8W3, 8QS and I managed to get hold of Tepphar 887V and Thavar 8880m last night on ebay. Will post pics as soon as I receive them....


Diesel 'Stryas' Denim Shirt

All Saints 'Let it Rot'

Tepphar 8Y0 (30x30)

Vans Italian black leather


photo (78).jpg photo (79).jpg

photo (80).jpg photo (82).jpg

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why are you selling those, they look great!

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great fit

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Im not! Sorry I need to change my signature. I had a BNWT pair in a 31x32. They went though along with the Thavar 8B9!

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good! i love mine. glad to see a fellow tepphar fanatic.


how do you rank your tepphars, and do any of them size weird? i know the 8y0 runs smallish because a 30w fits me good while i need 28-29 for the rest. 

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Yeah..Definite Tepphar Fanatic! So hard to rank though, I think the 8NA is a little underrated. When it appeared on asos I just loved the shade of blue so had to have them! 8W3 is cool, dressed up or down as well. 8QS is probably my least favourite as its just a light blue with not much to it - I tend to wear it with my barbour jacket and a pair of deck shoes.


I think I probably like my 8PK and 881W though the most. Awesome wash on both pairs but just not as versatile as the rest! And yeah, I agree with the 8y0. All of mine are a 30 but my 8y0 are a tight 30 and my 8PK are a 31. Couldnt get the 30's over my legs!

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Today in Colombia Ruky 73N

cat boots



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Thanaz 8880K and a fun shirt, dirty ghetto kids all day son!


Thanaz 888K.png

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How do you find the fit of the 8880K compared to other thanaz?
Love the t btw!!
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Thanaz 880k look good!

Im a little bit indecisive. When i first saw them online I didnt think they were anything special. Then i saw them in a local store so ordered them online. They are a cool wash but I sent them back. Even though I got them on sale at £100, I still thought it was too much.

Any thoughts?
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Shioner 880W


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Originally Posted by Marcus0528 View Post

really? i don't know that 8ne is one of the first class washes!! well, i'd have to consider getting them since i don't have them right now


Believe me ! Some users already mentioned, the wash is just art, so beautiful. You have to check jasonzathanweezy (lol don't know his exact username) fit pics in this thread, his pics do the jeans justice. Those pics made me buy them.

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Hey leftvapor, where'd you get the 8880K for £100? I can se them as a wardrobe staple, not flashy so easily dressed up. I think every wardrobe needs a few pairs like that.
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Larkee 880R(can't give up these jeans, too damn comfy and the wash is awesome)

Diesel Stills boots

Zara T

Levis check shirt


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