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this pant look great marcus, but not with this boot imo


nice outfit on the 1st pic, do you work in a clothing store ?


btw I like the layering you make with your tees

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@Marcus I personnally like your boots XDDD, they look like jeanetic's, a little more frayed though,gives an impression of authenticity

@Timeout you need to tell me what sort of boots should be worn with diesels jeans! because, yea, I only wear them with leather shoes. sneakers do not really get along with diesel jeans imo

and btw today I wore my Thavar 884s88884s.jpg

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ahh, i see. I will pick something better next time :)

i'm a 11th grade student now. that was a diesel store where i usually go every weekend for some new stuff.

the layering on my tee was originally on it. and that's actually why i bought it.

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hello numa, nice formal outfit there:) i think leather things always go well with denim

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well it's true that I tend to dress a little too formal, I would like to know the brand and models of your boots guys.

so that I could grab a pair of boots and look more relaxed than I do


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I think the formal look, and the fits with boots are actually really cool. I was talking with phukette about it, I'm thinkin to buy konha diesel shoes to get this style 




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Numa : I think this wash can't be worn with formal shoes, shirt and belt


that wash is too extrem and shoes too formal imo


I think leather suede shoes or boot can be better for this wash


like that :




or formal shoes can be better with not faded jeans :



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bsltimore, where can i get those shoes in the first link ya gave us???? i want them so bad

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They are called diesel kunha, they are kinda hi-top, mid-top I would say. The low-top version is called Konga.

There is a brown, white and blue version.


Lots of stores have them.

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thanks a lot, baltimore. they look pretty awesome

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They're not blue Baltimore, they're black with a blue sole. Very nice and look sharp without being over dressed. And I gotta agree with timeout. Simple and plain washes go with formal. Washes with any detail need to worn in a more relaxed fashion. A pair of chukka boots and untuck that shirt and roll up the sleeves a little. Just my two cents.
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Today, Thavar 880G, Diesel shirt and Diesel Exposure Low plimsoles.



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Nice fit lee! Looking good.
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Thanks for your advices guys, I agree that plain washes go better with formal shoes/ shirts even though i'm used to mix formal and casual clothes :p.

I'll have a look at those boots you linked, I already found some that look pretty much similar.

@Timeout Nice outfit Timeout, skinny cuts suit you better than looser ones.

@Levislad dude, 880g looks really good on you, did you pick your regular size or did you size up ? I was forced to size up for my thavar otherwise it was to tight, and I could barely walk.


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My Thavar 880G are W30 L34. I normally go for W28, W29 or W30 and they all fit pretty well. I think 880G are slightly tighter than others so I am glad I got the W30

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thanks Numa, can't wait to see your future pics !


Nice Levislad, skinny diesel fit you great

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Looking good guys, nice outfit there Lee. Great to see a few more members piling in with their fit pics.


Went out for Sunday pub lunch today with my two sisters, one is returning to Vancouver tomorrow after uk vacation.


Just back so snapped my outfit, haha a bit bright blue !!


But I wore my thanaz 8YH for first time, with Diesel shirt, Superdry suede boots and a very old blazer.







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everyone is looking good.


marcus, i like the boots with 72c personally.


numa, those 884c are sick. i searched tirelessly for them for two months to no avail. where did you find yours?

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The 888P fit pics posted by everyone are great... 888P is surely one pretty fucking awesome wash!!!!!!

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yeah dude, come check out the 888P club thread!


errbody lookin good.

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@Toulouz nice!!!!!! Never thought would see anyone else with pair of 8YH... I also have a pair it's great and rare color!
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@ Denim Collecter, yeah still wearing them, had them on all day .. really comfortable. They are actually 8YH Stretch and the guy who sold them on ebay said they were a rare discontinued colour !! Really a turquoise colour with some distressing on pockets, etc. Were a steal @ £28.00 ($46.00) :)


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toulouz I like those pants on you.


I wore my Thavar 886B




My son rocked his Diesel overalls yesterday:



Today he wore his new Diesels for the first time out:(they are still too big)



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Hi guys,

@jeanetic thanks dude! it's one of my favorite wash, unfortunately I don't think it will help you but- I purchased them at bargain rates on a French destock website for 129 euros shipment included. ( don't know whether we are allowed to post link, but anyway only size 32 is available now ). appart from ebay ( where they are f****** expensive btw) I don't know where you can buy them) hope you'll find yours very soon !


btw thavar 886b look awesome, they definitely look authentic! what size did you pick ? your regular size or did you size up? I really like the fit on you, it looks like you are wearing your regular size Oo

There's the same patch as on the 882r on the back of your son's overall ! I'm normally not a huge fan of patches on jeans but it looks cute on kids' clothes^^


Here is another try, less formal this time !884s2.jpg

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Nice! Chuck taylors are always great dieselmate
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