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Good fit numa, that fit really suits you. And welcome!!



Safado 880I

Allsaints Bramford Polo

Diesel Lowday SneakersIMG_6467.JPG


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Thanks dude, your outfit is really nice. I have to say that wash is really cool. I really like when they do light blue washes which look natural, and this one definitely does!

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Hi everyone,

                  I love DB forum so much. Here is mine 8x2. Plz forgive my poor skill for taking pics :)



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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Good fit numa, that fit really suits you. And welcome!!



Safado 880I

Allsaints Bramford Polo

Diesel Lowday SneakersIMG_6467.JPG



Great 880I and good fit on you :)

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Welcome dsense!! Those 8X2 look great on you man.
Thanks numa, I'm not normally a fan of light washes but the 880I and the 888P really took my eye. And now they are my two favourites!
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Looking good guys... @Levislad the 880M looks great on you.. I'm still waiting for my 8PK to arrive to combine w/ my 8PN as my light summer jeans...


@Jeanetic the Darron in khaki looks really good on you, beautiful boy too...


@Numa, man the 881z wash looks so nice.. only If i can find a Braddom 881z in my size.


today wearing the Tepphar 884M, still by far most comfortable jean I own...








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@Denim Collector, I cannot but advise you to do so, they are really awesome, one of my favorite of all time along with 8X2 884S and 8YM.

nice jeans, and interesting cardigan once again ;)

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Phukette, those Safado 880I are still my favourite jeans on you. I'm so glad I bought them too!


Leftvapor, the Thavar 880M look great on you too!


Denim Collector, nice fit on the Tepphar.



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Originally Posted by leftvapor View Post



photo (62).jpg photo (63).jpg


I went mad for the Thavar 880m and barely wear them. Its only when I wear them I realise how much I like them. I may be listing these in the mall soon though as they are a 32 leg and I really need a 30. The stacking looks OK over boots but I think if I had a 30 I would wear them more. If anyone is interested, lemme know :-D


EXACTLY same situation here.... I'm gonna taper them I think... they stack very bad. Bought 32 because I wanted the stacking so the yellow stuff wouldn't be visible, but it really needs to be 16cm at the hem to stack nicely.

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You all look good

. Leftvapor, be careful to not appear to be trying to sell outside the mall. Its a rule I have to enforce. It just ensures that these threads dont become spam city for people trying to get buyers. So you cant solicit offers on your jeans here but the market place is fine. 

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Asos leather jacket

Express T

Express waffle T

Shioner 8L6

Clarks desert boots




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Love the fit of shioner
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everybody is looking good, and there is a lot going on in this thread, very nice


Tepphar 887V, got them 30% off, but they only had W31 so its a little loose





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Looking good, nice fit


 the new balance icon_mrgreen.gif haters gonna hate, but there is no haters on this forum fest02.gif


Phukette and Gpoop : look cool, nice fit too (diesel sneaks phukette ?)


Numa : that shoes icon_sad.gif I don't think they have their place with this diesel, too formal for this wash


jeanetic : i'm not fan of the black/beige/black, the pieces one by one are beautiful, I think you can make something better 


leftvapor : nice outfit and color, but you look compressed in your shirt, btw, the stacking look good on your boots, there is not a big difference between 30 and 32, look better with more stacking, if you want less stacking, try another brand imo



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Yup, they are diesel lowday trainers. And I personally like leftvapor shirt, it's a good fit. It's just the sleeves are roll up further than usual.
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Today! thavar 885b and diesel cardigan.

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Aramis, your outfit looks good. But add a belt to your jeans:)

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Those 885B look so awesome. What's so special bout then though? They are injected with bamboo powder to increase serotonin levels? How does that work?
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Thanks phukette. They have a very nice bright color. This is my most comfortablepair of jeans. they are very soft and weigh almost nothing. They really are not so hotas in my other diesel.

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I know, I know, not diesel but...

G-Star Attacc in coal

G-Star Tunnel Shirt

Sendra boots

Allsaints Leather Jacket


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Looking good guys ! Aramis those 885B's are stunningly bright .. nice!


Last night I wore my new (s/h off ebay) Thanaz 8QP & Diesel Western shirt. I did not roll up sleeves cos I put a short coat on, its freezing here in uk atm, horrible wet weather.


I also have a new pair of Thanaz 8YH, a cool shade of ultramarine. I will post fit pics when I get round to wearing them.





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Wow Phukette .. Those G-Star Attacc in coal look great, lovely leather jacket also :)


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All saints shirt

Thanaz 8lp

All saints sneakers



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phukette as always very stylish, i like G star

toulouz thanaz perfect for you.
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Thanks aramis,
Toulouz and timeout, you guys look well. I like the fit of the thanaz on you and timeout, I love that shirt!
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