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Hey Im glad to see you post here. I see you on AF when I check out their wdwywt thread but I never post on AF. Im not too found of some people. I have the 03 772's as well. Im thinking about selling but I feel like I would regret it one day because they are in perfect condition and someone may want to have those as a collectors item. Who knows. I love the wash on those zatinys. I dont believe Ive seen anyone wear them yet. They look good.


Solid post. Im really into those black gold pants. They remind me of my darron-a's but so much better im sure. I would really love those.


They're on sale for 50% off right now at Diesel.com!! I'm thinking about getting another pair! LOL

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and they are only $120!!!!! Wow I wish I would have waited on those instead of getting my Darron-a's ---- I love how they can stack. I cant stack my darron-s gpw because the inseam is only about 31.75". Anyways I still love them. I would pull the trigger on these but being married means not being able to buy everything I want. I just got jogg jeans (plus I bought my wife livy 8w7's--she is going to love me for this) so I wouldnt be able to get away with getting those. I may get my access to the bank account taken away because my wife would be PISSED!

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Those dbg's are nice, but this cut I like better http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL%20BLACK%20GOLD/detail/tskay/6E44D168/cod10/36224851HN/mm/11660 (not on US store).

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We have similar though. They are nice.

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I do not own a single pair of diesel's,yet. I have been a true 7's fan, but when diesel is done right there is really nothing better. I have been trying to find a fit that would be the slimmest bootcut and somebody knows what direction I should go? I have tried on a few Zatiny and one pair of Viker-R-box, liked the Zatiny better. I'm posting this here because this is where I've seen the most feedback. Someone's gotta help me out!

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My cousin wearing Zatiny 8UP. He only wear those shoes when he's at work.

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They look good but I cant tell if they are black or grey.

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It's grey. I know, my camera phone sucks.

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You should give 8LP a try. It's probably one of my favorite washes, but falls a little behind for me after you take into account it fades and stretches quite a bit over time.


I actually have a pair of 30s for sale if that happens to be your size, and I could sell it for relatively cheap.




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Well it depends on the measurment of the waist, thigh, and inseam.

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The sneakers go well with it-- what type are they, please?  Can you get them in the UK?  I love grey trainers (as we call them this side of the Pond)

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here's me in some Dodgy denim shorts denimy shorts...


I think it was the ones on the left in this photo here...


 But I can't be sure.

I was in Nunhead Cemetery, South East London for its open day (weird.. maybe.. but loads of people love wandering around old Victorian/Edwardian Cemeteries!



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well i bet its amazing there. are you wearing vans? I cant really tell

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Not wearing Diesel today.. BUT..got a pair of April 77 Colordrive in the mail :D Not sure about the fit yet, they're pretty unique to any other jeans I have worn. Similar to thanaz in the waist and a little slimmer in the thighs, then very slim in the calves. But I think they look and feel okay, I do need to sag them a little otherwise they look skin tight which I don't really like.

Photo on 2011-08-02 at 13.30 #5.jpgPhoto on 2011-08-02 at 13.31 #2.jpg



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well they look like they fit well. and it may just be the side view but that shirt looks a little too big(from the side anyways)

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First off I want to thank everyone for posting lately! Looking good fella's there are too many for me to individually comment on right now, sorry lol. Here's my post for the day

Diesel button down
Thanaz 8b9
Nike avid high tops grey

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Dude I think I have that button down in a different color. Good taste. I really think Thanaz is such a great fit on you. I really cant wait for you to get your first Darrons. I have a feeling once you try them you will be in love!


I second the thank you. I am glad everyone is posting finally. Man it was painful here for a while because it was only a couple of us that ever did any posting around here. We are finally getting some people here like the other forums.I think denimblogs diesel section is without a doubt the best diesel section of any of the denim forums. It seems the other forums have all of the true religion and rock & republic fans but those brands got nothing on Diesel anyway.

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I have this shirt in red too! Its awesome! You cant really tell but this one is light grey with army green squares and blue pinstriping throughout and its one of my favorite shirts, it goes great with light or dark wash diesel's! True religion are over priced and I'll fitting... I've never tried R&R but I don't need to, I'm all Diesel all the way! I really want to get those darron 8x8's the price is great and the wash is awesome!
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My cousin wearing his Viker 8I9

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Lacoste T

Krooley-NE BPX jogg jeans

Diesel sandals


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did your jogg jean stretch out in the waist or thigh area?

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They dont stretch too much. In fact I finally wet them then threw them in the dryer. They seemed to get a little snugger on me(which is what I wanted).

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^i really like the fit of that jogg jean on you.


i remember you mentioned this was a size 28, is that your normal stretch jean size?

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Yes that is my normal size for stretch jeans. I actually would have got a 26 if it would have been offered in this wash because I am more a slim/skinny jeans guy.

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Got my Safado 8e7's in the mail today! I love the wash, not sure about the fit, I wish they were tapered.

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What do you guys think on the fit?
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