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I'm wearing a thavar8x2 today, does anyone know where I could find a Krooley 8NJ in France?

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today i wore thanaz 8ww and 74k

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Why do you waste time to post when you are not showing a picture lol

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dont have the time to make a picture....who wants to see me wearing a jean?

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The point is to see how they fit. Otherwise this thread is merely a list of names of jeans... and that's pointless.

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ok sry

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Zatiny 74F




Just bought them... went for a 27 waist instead of 28. Glad I did... these feel quite similar to my 28s...

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Thanaz 8b9






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Nice fit ... love the loafers too.

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I'm wearing Farco 85W

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Wow  Ive been on denimblog for a while now and Ive never seen this thread.


So of course I wear my turbodenim(koolter 8y9) everyday while im at home I dont wear them out too much because I have way too many great Diesels to not give them all wear.



burberry brit polo

zatiny 74f

Diesel Harbor shoes




Polo T

Diesel Harbor Midtop boat shoes

Safado 8Y3


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Division t shirt

Zatiny 8XF

Steve Madden


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yesterday - polo t

zatiny 8CO

Steve Madden Thomson booties

Diesel hat


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today -

burberry brit t

Darron 8SV

Vans lopros


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rock & republic t shirt

Koolter 8Y9 (turbodenim)

Diesel slip ons

Diesel watch


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Good old vertical lines... long time ago i wore my 8sv

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I love 8SV but 8CO is way better IMO

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8c0 is really extreme, I must say your 8sv wash is also really extreme, unlike my poiak 8sv.

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My 8CO's are extreme. In my opinion that makes them better. You and I may have a difference of opinion/taste there. That does not matter though. Its funny that you say my 8SV is extreme. The reason I say that is because I have been looking for another pair in a size 28 or 29 that is more streaky. I commented to my wife the other day that I thought my 8SV's are probably the least streaky pair i've seen. I dont like it. When I got them, I wanted them to look like the one's Taylor Laughtner wears. Will you take pics of yours? Im curious to see why you may think yours are less extreme than mine considering I think mine are as little on the extreme side as they come.

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I just found a old pic (sorry for cutting, I'm acting all weird on the photo), as you see almost no vertical lines on front (a bit from knees down, but you can't see on the pic) and some on the back, but not that much like your wash. I like it more this way, but as you said we have different taste. I must say I like the new DNA washes more extreme (dirty), so it's not that I only like boring washes :p



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Yeah I am definitely in love with the DNA washes. I have been proliferating a lot of them lately. I see yours are less streaky than mine.

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Check out some cool vacation destination perfect for you diesel jeans at http://www.packed-up.com



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Speaking of proliferating DNA washes. Today I got Shioner 8PN!


today I wore

Lacoste t

Diesel Zatiny 74f

Steve Madden Thomson boots


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another lacoste t(these are theperefect summer shirts)

Shioner 8PN

Diesel sandals


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