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what kind of boots you rockin audio in this pic?  nice fit btw *thumbs up*

Originally Posted by Audioteknika View Post

Hope the gf will get me a tripod for christmas...f*ck..

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Shioner 8L6. Soooo warm! Not surprising as the jeans is pretty thick.



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Wearing a favorite, Zaf 796 today, as I often do.

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Its a good day for Zathan 772

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71J 02 s.JPG     71J 03 S.JPG

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nice fit on 71J!

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Thankz zdenal. I'm not wearing it for a long time. 

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Today I'm wearing something very special :).


2004 Zathan 772 (BNWT)

2004 Diesel HOOCK-STRIP MA118 (BNWT, just arrived on friday)

2009 Diesel Glamrock (Black/White with white and black dual laces.)

200? Diesel Leather Messenger Bag (Sample, only three made. I have one and I know Ryan Reynolds has one, dunno where the third one is.)



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I miss Farcos. icon_neutral.gif

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Today i'm wearing my Farco's Diesel jeans, and my Leather belt  "Flag" Diesel too




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i wore my SAFADO 8IL

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2011-03-02 09.54.51.jpg2011-03-02 09.55.47.jpg

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My new Diesel Zathan 8M2



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My Diesel Black Gold... I really don't know the type... http://www1.yoox.com/item.asp/tskay/2A5DD3A9/cod10/42164920UM/sts/orders80

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matic 88D + thanaz 71B

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Nice to meet all of u


i want u to help me something. i want to buy Shioner 8x6 but i don't sure size


could u please measure u pant for me ?


now i've Thanaz 61E 26/32 and 72C 27/32 i really think 61E is perfect for me :)


my email suvannang@hotmail.com


thank you for ur time

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Adi-Thanaz 8IE jeans. They seem to be the best jeans for me by far, although I love the Clush as well.

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Want to wear but no way......

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I'm wearing a thavar8x2 today, does anyone know where I could find a Krooley 8NJ in France?

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today i wore thanaz 8ww and 74k

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Why do you waste time to post when you are not showing a picture lol

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