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worthless saying what you wear if theres no pics...anyway is there any active member up in here thats from france..i only knew evil dante,but as far as i know he doesnt post here anymore..i need some help about buying something on ebay.fr

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try to ask on jawnz icon_wink.gif

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today i am wearing zatiny 71J. the last friday was zathan 72J (not a good picture of it)



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actually i dont think it is bad. it is a look that some guys can pull off and i understand the aesthetic. i have a couple of jeans that fit like this and it does work in some situations. it is an edgy look though and it may be better if seen in person.

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was referring to this below:

Originally Posted by johnnieb View Post

Thanaz 8B9 29x32



Originally Posted by Zathanic View Post

^ Thanaz is not for you. It almost looks like a female is wearing them, sorry.

Your hips are too wide for this cut. Try safado or viker.




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Safado-Biker 8B2




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Viker 8sv


Not today's picture, but I wear this Viker 8sv today. love it.

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Please excuse the ID Card Holder, was a gift

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double post

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nice pair iamkai. 


whats the cut and wash?

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wearing zatiny 8AT today


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Originally Posted by Dieselicious View Post

nice pair iamkai. 


whats the cut and wash?

Thanks, thanaz/8B9

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one of the nicest 8b9 i seen.

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Zathan 71J 32x32

ZATHAN 71J 32x32

Zathan 71J 32x32

Thoughts? Critiques?


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How can i get official email id of Diesel Jeans Company

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Zathan 71J 32x32

zathan 71j 32x32

zathan 71J 32x32

comments? critiques?


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Look good. Maybe hem them a bit, though.

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They look good, one of the few loose -rrr jeans fit I like.

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Not posted in a long time but here we go! Larkee 73I and Diesel Hoodie




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Lots of Diesel today...


Jeans: Tepphar 8Y9 (the new raw turbodenims) for the 4th day in a row, breaking those suckers in as fast as I can.  Finally stretching to close to how I'd expect a 31 to fit and not uncomfortable anymore.  Fades are starting to come in from the cell phone and wallet, should have sick honeycombing pretty quickly also since they're so slim through the leg (tighter than Thanaz for sure).


T-shirt: some plain t-shirt with a very subtle only the brave mohawk logo over the left chest


Button down over that: Black Gold plaid


Jacket: Luid Leather Jacket


Shoes, socks, and boxers are other brands though!  I swear!

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These jeans (Larkee 8I3, the rare non-US wash that everyone hates around here... haha, picture from last week) with an absurdly comfortable  50/50 linen/cotton Black Gold oxford in a blue/slightly lavender color.


5249656680_cc7fce615d.jpg 5249656310_b2f936c00d.jpg

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today im wearing viker r box 8YM superp jeans the only problem is the 2 button system sucks hard!!!;)

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i'm wearing today my diesel thanaz 8HD ! :)

any fitting opinions ?





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wearing today my diesel thanaz 8HD :)

an opinions on the fitting ?

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