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And nice woman in the background
no need to care about in your room,
but plz take care in public place( here is also maybe )

'Racy pics' banker to keep his job - CNN.com

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@gpoop: are those safados brand new? if so, and if you want a slim fit, you might want to size down
they will be tight at the beginning but they will stretch (consider that 73J doesn't stretch that much, anyway)

they seem a bit loose to me for the first wearing
but it's all up to you and the fit you're looking for

they look a tad short to me as well, but if you're sticking with this waist size don't go for a longer inseam because this will cause a sloppy fit below the knee, safados are not easy to stack

and I second the comment on the boots

hope that helps
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@Gpoop : Yeak I think you need a 32 inseam here...or maybe it's the shoes with the huge sole but i'm pretty sure u need longer inseam.

My experience with 73J showed that at my usual waist size, in zatiny and safado this wash fits bigger. I had to size down with my zatiny and I could only find a W28 for my safado so i took it but IMO, my pair is borderline between good fit and a tad too big as I like my jeans fitted.
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dig the wash gpoop. I have safado 71J and I love them...there super faded now though cause i went to wash them once and the washer decided to keep washing them for 3 hours
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^did you kill him?
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man I would have, but he had some kind of protective armor on and he couldn't feel a thing. there really not that bad though, I got a pair of 71J in zatiny and the fades aren't really that off...guess I saved them a bit by washing them inside out
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Since I talked about my safado 71J I figured I would wear them today...I've gained a few pounds since I bought them but since the holidays are over, back to the workout grind!

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Gpoop please burn those Husp Puppies man. Nice wash though very nice
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^^^ lol Yeah I need shoes I know. Any recommendations? I don't really know what to wear with these. I don't really like to wear sneakers.
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My favs are Paul Smith, NDV, Common Projects, Costume National, Dsquared, MOMA, if you wanna go higher end look for Dior, Augusta, JM Weston(formal wear).
Check the boots and shoes thread, and Fashion & Design - Women's Collection - Welcome to YOOX - Established in 2000, that will get you started.
Good Luck.
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Drummer that tee's corny and looks young on you. Your shoe's look whack too. From the back you look like a spanish hoodrat.
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I admit the shirt is corny, but I was more into showing the jeans. Also that's the first negative comment I've gotten about my shoes...sorry but i'm not a fan of wearing dress shoes/boots with jeans
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Fit is good on those Safados, the shirt is cool in my opinion i loved punch out hahaha, the shoes are unforgivable though they look like Al Bundys bowling shoes...
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^drummerboy (nice to see another drummer on HF btw) I think it's not a matter of dressy/boots versus sneakers
nothing wrong about wearing sneakers

I'm sure people meant that THOSE particular sneakers are not the best choice (and I agree with them)
no hate
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ok, well thank you for all the insight. what kind of sneakers would you guys recommend? I was big into the "urban" sneakers for a while (reebok's/nike's in outrageous, clashing colors) but I've been trying to tone them down. I've found tigers by asics to work but they didn't hold up on me. right now I have the sneakers that are in the pic and a pair of black vans slip ons.

and great to know there are other drummers in the HF community @evilsushi
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Commo projects, i like chucks personally, some PS and prada sneakers are nice.
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Originally Posted by Saddock View Post
A little one, you'll notice I changed of room for the occasion ^^.
(right click/save as for bigger size)

Saddock which wash cut is this one?
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safado 8IW
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sorry, my face still by TOYOTA....
i have to change it by NISSAN or frankfaster's... XDDD

so, darknight adviced me , this jacket is not good.
It makes my leg shorter.....
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^ Yeah, and this jacket it's way too big for you...need to find something slimmer.

Upper body and lower body has to be coherent. You can't have baggy clothes in the upper body and fitted pants or vice versa.
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and letting alone slimness or baggyness
this jacket surely isn't fashionable, nor attractive by any mean

go for something different sand!
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thx for your advice!!

actually , when i took this pic
 i try to how to make this jacket looks smaller !!!

 and this jacket is pre-own of my little sister's....

i don't know why she had bought too big jacket...
 her tall is smaller than me(-20cm)...

next, i try to find good upper clothes...

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Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V from other thread.

ok nvm even though get neg points...
i post pics on the way of this thread

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Not posted for ages so here we go!

It was my birthday yesterday! Had a Wii party and wore Safado 8KJ

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nice love handles, lol.
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