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^ You look like you have knock knees too... maybe try another cut
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happens to be the way i was standing for the pic
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My outfit for today..
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^ NL in da house !

Welcome =)
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Originally Posted by hp5rebec View Post
I have, too. Lots of guys wear 'em with flip-flops, making them more of a summer thing. Dunno why.
The only Diesel cut out there where u dont look like a complete clown by combining them with flip flops.
Dont like the cut, dont like G-star, especially not when I have to read it in the mirror...
...and yes...before wearing these so called flip flops, I would go barefoot..I wont care about dirt and burnings.. Im just too proud... I dont like them and I hate the image which they try to interfere..
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California =

Hollister polo + washed out zathans + flip flops + hollister fierce cologne


band tee + skinny bdg jeans + checkered vans + skateboard
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Glad I live in VA. Oh wait, CA has infinitely better women.
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Abercrombie produces Fierce cologne, not Hollister. Get it straight, dumbass!
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BC3 dragged that thing out of mothballs ! 6.23.06???
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the real question is which ones should i wear today?

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The real answer is neither
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u should not wear both of those pairs. size down
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You know what I knew that was coming but whatever I don't like my jeans skin thight. Maybe something a bit more updated but I like old school styles not really down with the whole skinny/straight cut but I try so at least give me some credit.
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If you like a more relaxed fit, then buy a more relaxed cut and wear it in its proper size as opposed to buying a slimmer cut and sizing up. It will look better.
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Like what Kratt 796 , Tyel 772 , Rivec c96 ? Please.....I think the Farco's look great on me and that's even pushing it. I don't like showing off my bulge like most of you on HF
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Never said you had to wear them tight. But if you're going to wear them loose why not just buy a looser cut? They're made to fit looser and therefore will look better when sized appropriately over a cut that's made to fit slimmer (like those Zatinys) that are worn 2 to 3 sizes larger than they should be.

The reason you get the "size down" comments is because you're wearing a cut that is meant to fit more snug and look better that way. If you were wearing a loose fitting cut like Koffha, it's less likely you would be receiving those comments.
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I hate Koffha's on me and would not flatter me. You know what perhaps in Cali you guys enjoy not being able to squat or even climb a fence( not like I do but if need be) without fearing your jeans ripping off you like the incredible hulk.
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I lost some wieght so some of these have to go like these " ebay item X rotuck 796 size 34 item #120292372637 lab 340

or the Zathan 8aa ebay Item number: 120292373634
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There's no reason to be rude to these guys. They're just trying to offer you advice, seeing as they're more knowledgeable than you on the subject.
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I'm waiting for this thread to be renamed "What Thanaz/Dior are You Wearing Today" except most of us normal people can't wear that shit since we have things like peen's and post puberty scrotes.
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To the delight of many...I have put my Diesel's back on! This is what I'm wearing now for my boyfriend! Not the best pix but they'll do to give people a change from the Thanaz's that everyone only seems to wear these days! Lee

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lpalma121 you may want to consider just sizing down one size or wearing the farco's a little bit higher. I know your not aiming for the tight look but at the same time i think your not aiming for a super baggy look either. If you love Farco you should like yarik/viker/ and possibly slammer cut. The zatiny look the best from the pics. Another thing you could do to kinda mask the baggy effect is put your wallet in the back pocket of the farco.
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It always entertains me when I see someone posting stuff that they know isn't quite right, then getting pissy and being rude when they get helpful reactions.
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