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ooh la la Sean!
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Originally Posted by lorna17 View Post

Lookin' good Lorna. But what's up with your left leg? Had to do a double take...lol.
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Thats my 01 540, you could call it old but it still kicks ass and eats gas like a monster. I could never afored an m3 either.
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i hate to talk about gas prices.it's almost $4.it makes me can not get more pairs of jeans.
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Originally Posted by kubie View Post
I'm a poor student at OSU,i'm drivin' 325ci 02'.
trust me, poor student does not drive bmw
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^ and wear DH from head to toe
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like i said.i live w/ my sis now,and i don't have to pay rent or car.i go to work and save money to buy the stuffs that i like.and sometime my mom gives me some cash(not much).
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i don't drive a bmw, but i'm getting about 12.5mpg and paying about $4.50/gallon for premium fuel so i'm feeling the gas price pain too. and against my better judgement i'm actually thinking about trading up to the new infinity fx50 with the 390hp v8 when it drops this summer...
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infinity fx50 09'?5.0 & V8?it'll burn gas like crazy.You're rich jame.in columbus the gas is just $3.89/gallon.it's enough to make me feel poor everyweek.
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^oh yeah. its supposed to run 0-60 in 5 seconds flat. which is just nuts for an suv, especially one that is priced around $52K. they haven't released the mileage #'s yet but i imagine it will suck premium fuel through a garden hose.

2009 Infiniti FX Crossover - Official Site
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may be i'm still young to drive an suv.that's why i don't like Suv(except an suv of porsche cayenne) and also don't have money to get them.But infinity Fx 50 looks really nice.
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i LOVE suv's. nothing beats the size and sitting up high on the road. the fx50 is actually borderline too car-like for my taste. my dream car is the mercedes G55 AMG but i'm a few years away from dropping over $100K on a truck. i love range rovers as well but i can't afford one of those either and they always seem to have mechanical issues anyway.
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i drive sequoia - momma's car

and i can park little cars like it aint no thing

$80 gas tank from empty to full (make sure to let the pump drip before putting it back up!)
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ohh damn i really love range rover UK.And i heard somebody said that mercedes not good in SUV.is it correct?
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fx50 is just nasty, my girlfriend has the fx35 and love it for the snow, damm jskidder your ballin
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I wish we could pay $4.50 a gallon for petrol.

It's over £5 per gallon here in the UK...That's like nearly $10 per gallon for you in the US!

Now that's feeling the cost of fuel!!!

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i drove my bro's new Tahoe and i'd much rather drive a car.
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for a second i thought i'd logged into ross's car forum by mistake.
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eta: i still haven't heard from that guy in 2 days. i'm starting to suspect foul play.
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i love infinitis men. i must say, the fx50 is bad ass. 390hp is no joke men. i had the pleasure of owning an fx35 which ive now sold. amazing car men.
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My parents got rid of our old Infiniti FX45 and bought a Lexus 400H. They are saving quite a bit on gas. Just two fill ups per month compared to a fill every week with the FX.
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yay! Lorna and Adam! You look definitely soo happy! I envy you!

Oh I see slammer 61x right? I know someone who must be really happy

You look soooo cute!!!
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I currently have BMW 4.4 X5 sport...has 330 hp and has a preety good get up and go...It is getting old and the gas mileage (16 mpg) is too low, we are gonna trade her in for an 07 M5...woohoo 507 HP.....hopefully I can break the 20 MPG barrier...

Now the Mrs can keep up with my antiquated 97 M3 thats been modified to put down a touch over 500 hp also....
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ok.i think it's enough.we should talk about the jeans or the outfit that we wear.Thx for good infor about the cars man.
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yeah...back to the jeans please!! Lets have some pix!!
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