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What's a normal torso length?

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Speaking of high waists threatening to come back in style, I think the reason I like low waist is I must be short-waisted...

What is your length between say, the bottom of your bra and your waistband? And what is your height? I have a 24" torso boobs to low rise waist, but I'm also 5'7. If I try to wear a tankini swimsuit, for example, it overlaps rather than exposing any tummy. I am all legs, so it's even more pronounced in my opinion.

I think that's why I detest high waist/ rise pants because they make my torso look even shorter!! Anyone else willing to share measurements? I'm wondering if I'm normal, or short-waisted like I suspect...
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Honey, you want to talk about a short torso!!! Mine is about 9 inches from the bottom of my bra to my hip bone. Your torso is almost 3 times the size as mine. But that could be due to the fact that I'm 4'11...
You fear for high rise jeans. You can't even imagine how I feel. I once got a pair of jeans that had a rise of like 13 inches or something like that (I didn't know before I bought them, and this was before it dawned on me to ask), and the top of the jeans literally came up to my chest!
I can't tell you if you're normal or not, because I'm not the same height, or anywear near that height. <sigh>
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uhm... maybe I read wrong? but I measured 12" and I'm 5'
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My measurement is 11" and I'm 5'3".
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I think I have long torso I measure 14 inches and I am 5.4
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mine's 10.5" and i'm 5'2"
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Hey this is fun!!!

I'm 5'9 and my torso is 9 inches from boobs to hips. My BF teases me all the time that I'm built like a crab, all arms and legs and literally I am.

OT I'm built like the German side of my family (but I'm a dark German with dark hair/green eyes, not a light German with the blue eyes/blonde hair).
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How embarassing!!! I gave the measurement in CENTIMETERS!!! That would be a little more than 9 INCHES!

Guess I was really tired last night when I posted that! I'm not a Dachsund, I promise!!
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mine is 12 inches from the bottom of my bra to my hip bone and i am 5'6

when i read 24 inches...i was like WOAAAAH. hahah
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Hey this IS fun!!! I didn't have a tape measure so I improvised lol.........I held up a piece of paper length-wise under my boobs to the top of my hip bones and it was almost as long as the paper......And the length of a paper is....what....like 11 inch. or something? So mine is, I'd say, 10 inches.....That's kinda short huh? I'm only about 5'2 though....I'm with you Prima!!! A fellow Oregonian AND shorty
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i have a longish torso of 11 an im 5.4 i hate high rise jeans
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I'm 5'5" and mine is 8.5" from the bottom of my boobs to my hip bone. I don't understand where my height comes from - I have short legs(31" inseam), short torso...Maybe I'm long chested?? LOL
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it seems I have a long torso compared to everyone else. I always knew I had stumpy legs!
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Try being tall and having a hard time finding jeans that aren't too short. I have a long torso about 11 inches, long legs, and long arms.. bleh.. I am also 5'10''+ depending on the shoes I wear.
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hahaha...this IS fun. I think i have long torso (don't have tape measurement now) and short legs. I am about 5' but I have shorter legs than other 5' fellows. I wonder what I should wear to make me look taller.
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I like this thread...mine's approx 10" and I'm 5'4".
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i'm 5'2 and i measured between 8.5-9"
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I'm not usre what 'normal' is...but i'm around 5'2" and I measured ~7" from the bottom of my bra to my hip bone. I'm not surprised though...I always thought I looked shorter sitting down!! lol
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Originally Posted by aalcantara16 View Post
I'm not usre what 'normal' is...but i'm around 5'2" and I measured ~7" from the bottom of my bra to my hip bone. I'm not surprised though...I always thought I looked shorter sitting down!! lol
That's what I got too, but I was measuring where my jeans come up to and around 8.5-9 I guess is where they come up to on me. I could def be wrong because I measured at work where I can't wear jeans
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Well...what's even scarier is that the distance from my bra to my bellybutton is only around 4"-4.5"....:P!
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Yeah itrs really funny when short people are sitting in a chair and they are taller than me cause their torsos are so long, but when I stand up I'm about 4-5 inches taller!!! It's really funny to see their faces...LOL But my inseam is 34 flat footed, no shoes, so that has a lot to do with it If I wear heels I end up about 5'11/6'0 or so.
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Well, that settles it! I am short-waisted... always thought so! Only 9 inches on a 5'7 frame seems to be less than "average", LOL.
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Mine is approx. 11 inches from bottom of boobs to hip bone. I am 5 ft 6. I don't know if that means I have a short or long torso?
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Outdoorz - I'd say 11 inch torso on a 5'6 frame is nice!

On a side note, it occurred to me after starting this thread that my short torso is probably the very reason my pregnancies were so uncomfortable after 7 months! I didn't have enough length between my pelvis and my ribcage! 9 inches isn't very much for a full term baby to stretch out in! Wow, I never would've put that together until I saw other measurements.
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I'm 5'7 with a ridiculously short torso-its only 20 inches from crotch to collar bone! My length is only 7 inches! I have a lot of friends around 5'3 and when i sit down next to them I appear to be a lot smaller than themĀ :dancing:

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