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I never ever sell anything!!!!!!...ok this is very hard for me but here goes.

1. nyd dojos
2. lily sigs
3. fiji studded a's
4. coh ingrids in pv
5. dunaways in nimes
6. bombay a's
7. panama sigs
8. ingrids in pac
9. sammy crops
10. tr joeys in med vintage
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I only have 7 so I could limit for sure! My absolute faves are my CAE Flynts though.... They get the most wear for sure.
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Ok just 10, let me see

Dark Havana A pocket studded waistband
Caribbean studded waistband
Windsor Dojo
Glacier Dojo
Dark NY Jagger
Windsor A green Pocket
Amsterdam ribbon waistband
Windsor A red pocket cropped
TR fairy
Citizens Margo

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I don't like thinking about this...lol
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since starting my collection about 4 months ago, i've bought 8 pairs of premium denim (and not stopping there!!). i try to buy a pair from each brand first before buying different washes, styles of the same brand. so far i have:
1. R&R raw roth
2. Paige melrose
3. Joe's (old style)
4. SFAM nyd
5. Habitual glory
6. PD&C kimberly
7. COH kelly
8. COH collete

and of course.. my list won't stop there. i'd like a pair of TRs next, then a scorpion, an a pocket, and a pair of hudson triangle pocket. oh poor visa of mine!!
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1 R &R london lavender crowns
2 R&R london silver crowns
3 SFAM pink hefners neiman marc. exclusive
4 SFAM tricolor brown A, planet funk exclusive
5 SFAM rainbow crystal sigs
6 SFAM caribbean studded waistband
7 TR light urban cowboy sammy's
8 SFAM lurex flynts
9 R&R pixi bermuda's
Oh, no 10 already? I can't do this.... I've got way to many waiting in line. I couldn't ever part with any of them either... I agree, they're my babies and I feel I'm cheating...
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oh no, the large font again..
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