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IF you could only have...

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say maybe, 10, pairs of jeans (gasp! This is just hypothetical... don't worry) which would they be?

My neighbor just got back from Africa and was talking about how people there only have one pair of shoes, etc... Anyway, I do need to limit my wardrobe and my spending... so I'm wondering how to best narrow down the collection? I try to have a variety of different kinds of styles, but when I find a style that fits my body well I want them in every wash!

What's your rhyme or reason?
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Oooo...this is hard!

Well, I think to pare down your collection, have a basic wash jean, a more distressed jean, a dark, a white, a black, a cropped, a skinny, a sparkly (crystals) one, and a trouser/wide leg and I think you'd be covered.

Here are some picks:

Basics: MNE, SEV Bootcut
Distressed: HAV2, ARU A
Dark: NYD Bootcut, TR Dark Pony Express
Black/Sparkle: BKK, BKKC A's, TR Joey Donkey wash
Sparkle: MNXE or one of the new Glacier crystal Flynts (don't know the abbrev.)
Wide leg/Trouser: Any Lisa, Dojo or COH Faye
Skinny: TR Julie Jean
White: LaJolla or PSP anything
Shorts/Crops: BHV Dojo bermudas
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This is really hard

1. 7FAM NYD Flare
2. COH Ingrid Porto Velho
3. TR Big T Bobby Rainbow in Donkey Wash
4. R&R Scorpions in Dark Trick
5. Joe's Jeans Socialite in Heart w/Crystals
6. 7FAM Lily Sigs
8. 7FAM CAE As
9. 7FAM Tahiti Dojos
10. 7FAM NYD Flynts

I think I wear the above listed most often as to my reasoning for saying I would keep them. Of course, I did not consider my skirts and crops Honestly, this is a super tough question . . . good luck with your decision - maybe post pics and let us help you decide which ones look best?
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Shoot ~ I forgot about my 7FAM DHVAs and my 7FAM NYD Pink Sigs I don't think I could narrow it down to just 10 pairs!
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Honestly, I only have 10 pairs that I plan to keep. But I agree with Danya somewhat

Dark wash jean (think NYD)
Black OR grey jean (think vienna, bkk)
Flap pocket jean (think TR joey, R&R scorpion)
Crystal jean (think anything crystallized)
Distressed jean(think aruba/nakita)
Skinny jean (think diesel keates)
Light wash jean (think aruba, milan)
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And here's my collection
NYD crystal flynts
3 pairs Joey, SLV big T, clearwater big T, dark wash reg
scorpion quaalude
diesel keates dark wash
aruba cuffs
begonia a pocket
catalina a pocket
vienna flynt
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I've been trying to downsize myself a bit lately, so I should be able to do this....

1. TR Sammy Medium Premium
2. TR Joey MPE Stretch
3. TR Big T Joey Medium Clearwater
4. TR Big T Sammy Saddleback Crops
5. TR Super T Joey Med. Urban Cowboy
6. 7FAM Morocco Bootcuts
7. 7FAM MNE Bootcuts
8. 7FAM NYD Flare (my very first pair)
9. 7FAM Colette Nakita
10. Chip & Pepper Sorority Girl

.... maybe not so easy ...

11. TR Joey Big T SLV Rainbow Sunshine
12. 7FAM Lemon A Crops
13. Farmer Flapjax

.....OK, I give up.
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wait, so every girl have > 10 pairs of jeans?
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There's NO WAY I could limit it to ten! I don't even know how many I have now!!!!
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hmmm it'll have to be...

Montreal Flynts
NYD Tricolor As
NYD Pink As
Off Broadway As
Ireland White Sigs
St. Tropez Sigs
Windsor Green Crop As
Vienna Pink Flynts
Dark Havana As
COH Ingrid Bolinas
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Let's see. I think I would keep
* SFAM Hav3
* TR woodstock
* TR joey destroyed
* TR bobby destroyed
* SFAM NYD red As
* TR bobby medium bullet
* TR bobby medium clearwater
* COH carribean Kellys
* SFAM bombay As
* TR SLV Sammys
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in no particular order:
1. sfam hav2
2. R&R stevie glycerin
3. Paige lc dark clean w/crease
4. sfam katmandu dojos
5. R&R scorpions dark trick
6. sfam black grommet flynts
7. Paige robertson medium clean w/crease
8. R&R stevies xanex pink (cuz I love me some stevies)
9. Fornarina fresh in medium wash
10. Paige lc westside w/crease
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I just saw your list, jyk ^ and I realized I totally forgot about Paiges! Its official - I can't limit my collection to just 10!
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you can't forget the paiges!

it took me 10 minutes of pure concentration to come up with that dang list. 10! I felt like i was betraying my children....or something to that extent. My jeans are my babies and I love them all (apparently not equally). :P
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1. SFAM Bombay Studdeds
3. NYD Sigs
4. Paige Vintage Lace
5. Paige LC Medium Clean
6. TR Sunshine Joeys
7. TR Bobbys
8. NYD Painted Pocket
9. Paige Melrose
10. SFAM Lemon A crops

I only have like 15 pairs...so limiting myself to 10 isn't that hard
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You might as well shot me
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I don't have 10 yet, but I have just been working on my fave's...

SFAM JAM Braided
Taverniti So Janis in Vintage Resin
SFAM Lisa TRouser in Ireland
SFAM NAK Bootcut
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These are all great ideas... I am beginning to be able to think clearly enough about my own collection.

So, here are my categories:

1) Dark basic jean: Paige HH Dark Resin
2) Medium basic jean: CAR Bootcuts (coming) or RCA Flynts or Porto Velho Kellys (maybe I should get rid of these?)
3) Distressed jean: HAV Flares
4) Black Jean: Pompeii Flynts (but I really want some Viennas, too)
5) White Jean: Earnest Sewn Hefners (I could get lose these if I found La Jolla Flynts or white Paige)
6) Trouser: DCG Lulus (I also have Grommet Dojos, does this fall into this category?)
7) embellished jean: Paige Patchwork LC
Skinny/Straigh jean: want some Dark Resin Melrose to fit this bill
9) Heavy use jean: either my RCA Flynts or COH Colettes
10) Sparkly jean: ideally, this would be the Pink Glacier Crystal Flynts, but I'm debating whether I need this category.

Okay this leaves me with a couple extra Flynts, fabric inset Kasils, and crops. But I decided crops, cords and colored jeans don't need to be attacked in this round.

Oh, and what to do about fat days? Maybe a pair of boycuts? or an extra set of ten in my bigger size to accomodate that...
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I wouldn't be able to pick just 10 because I'd go into cardiac arrest and die before I could decide.
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There are a few on my 'wishlist' that I would include in my "10" if I could only have ten.

Out of what I own:
1. TR Joey Suneshines
2. TR Joey Medium Pony Express
3. SFAM MNE Boycuts
4. SFAM CAE Black Ribbon Flynts
5. COH Caribbean Kellys
6. COH Colorado Ingrids
7. Antik Fawcetts
8. Yanuk Boyfriend Jeans
9. R&R Castellos
10. SFAM MNE variant Flares

If I could, I would replace 7-10 with:
COH Dunaway, Nimes
SFAM Havana2
R&R Roths
TR Saddleback Joeys/Bobbys, rigid (Katie if you read this, I REALLY wanted these you had listed in HM but I didn't have the money then.)

To be honest I had a rather had time coming up with this list because I don't wear most of my jeans. 1-5 are pretty much the only ones I wear, minus the Flynts that I've only worn three times. Four of those on the list are jeans I've bought in the last week. It probably means that all the jeans I didn't list should be sold. (Or just HEMMED because then I would wear them.)

Thanks for suggesting the exercise!
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These are the ones I would like. I've included some from my wishlist. These are marked with a *:

1. R&R Stevies Xanex Pink
2. R&R Roth Uranium*
3. R&R Wingers Quaalude/Revolver*
4. 7FAM Havana Flare
5. 7FAM Caribbean Crystal Flynt
6. 7FAM Monaco A
7. 7FAM Studded Bombay A
8. 7FAM China Flynt
9. 7FAM Tricolor Studded A
10. 7FAM Aruba A

My unoffical wish list is even longer so more 7FAM may be replaced with R&R but I love all the jeans above.
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IF you could only have...

Originally Posted by ttramell
You might as well shot me
Tiff...I thought you just got rid of a bunch...
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Yeah but I always am lol but then I just get more
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tiffs closet is in constant rotation i think

I agree with sammiekat's breakdown... it covers a wide range and you'll be covered for anything
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1.R&R London crowns
2.R&R DT jagger
3.R&R mini
4.R&R alloy jagger
5.TR rigid billy
6.SFAM ireland crops
7.Paige lace pocket

hihi, i can live with these...
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