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Originally Posted by Pi
I'm totally relaxed today in my still-kinda-loose jaggars (waist and thigh taken in).

so cute!!

I think we should all post pics up of us in our RR. I LOVE seeing pictures.

I'm not wearing my RR any time soon since I just started my new job and I can't wear jeans!! I'll be busy all weekend with this new job too. = (
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Oo! Great pics guys! Pi - you are so tiny it's scary!

I'm not wearing ANY jeans until this heat breaks. But I'll post pics then.
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Guys, thanks for the compliments!! Yes, it's ozone. The blue color is really bright and light, great for summer.
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ooh i tried those on at nordies (they had it in jagger and scorpion) and they looked hideous on me but they look lovely on you
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Looking good Pi! I'm hanging around in my jimmy today...

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Dang, wrong pic!! you can see I don't master my camera timer yet... Here's a better one....
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nice so cute, today i'm wearing my steel stevies if i have time i'll post pics later
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me out shopping today..

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Haha, Su, the WRONG pic is sooooooo cute!! As soon as I saw it, I knew you had set up the timer!! You look so cute in the RIGHT pic as well!!
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Hot_choco, you look great too!! I love your outfit!!!!!
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wow...you all look sooooooo good!
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su.. you look so cute!.. and making me jealous with the darn jimmys again!

pi: thanks! .. haha if you look closely you'll probably see that i'm actually in a fitting room!.. they have way better mirrors than mine at home!
I love your jeans too! you make em look hot! ...
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Pi oh Pi
sugoior sugoku beautiful
So Very Beautiful

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Thank you all! pi and hot_choc , you both look gorgous yourselves...
Come on girls, more pics!
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Ladies not so fast. I cant take it all at the same time.
Just Kidding.

I like your first pic too SU

Very nice Hot Chocolate

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my rays again they are my favourite. i now have my alloy jaggers so il be wearing those alot
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i just noticed i look saggy in this photo lol oh dear
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wearing my roth xanex pinks =)
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Rockin scorps for a day at the park with my son!!!

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Lorna 18-years-old (this's gonna be your last name for a while), you're so cute as always. What shoes are you wearing? The rays are the only one you cannot match with pink tops, aren't they?

Kimi, you look so cute too. You don't look like a mom...!!
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Haha I know I look like a lil kid myself in that photo, I think it's the way I'm standing haha!!!
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Wearing scorpions in sabbath today...

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^ I LOVE your outfit Pi!
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Hiroko, I'm so glad you're posting your outfits now because I love seeing your R&R!

Su, you're too cute and your jeans always fit sooo well! I'm jealous!

Hot_Chocolate, I love your jeans!

Lorna (Birthday girl!!), cute outfit!

Crunkazn, you look so cute! I can't believe you're a mom!
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Out today in my crowns...
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