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Yeah true, thats just imo. But yeah I have the same problem with it being so loose on calfs, but so bloody tight on the waist.
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Ahhhhh I love the Oxys! Keep up the picture posting!!!
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Originally Posted by bradl View Post
Love oxycotins, but could have def sized down, little bit to baggy on the calfs.
The Floyd cut tends to have a larger leg opening than the other bootcuts so the calves are usually larger as well. Really, the Floyd cut is kind of an odd cut but it works for a lot of people. It starts typical in the waist but is then larger than their other cuts in the hips. It then gets tighter in the thighs than other cuts but then breaks more after the knee for a wider leg opening. So its like in-out-in-out
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^Devin, thank you for your expertise. I don't know much about mens cuts, so it's great to have you around to help our male members with fits.
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I have the same pair of Floyd Oxycotins.
Mine were a size 30 and fit PERFECTLY.
I loved them to death.
Had them hemmed though they were too long and then they fit perfectly.
I love the Oxycotin wash and the pockets on that. Definitely one of my favorite pair of jeans along with my SFAM Bladerunners in Finland.
Mine ripped.
First on the left inner groin area near the crotch.
Had that patched up and repaired, but then the right side ripped. So they're SOL now.
I'm lookin' for another pair. I returned my Henlees the other day, I think they were in the Inquisitive wash. =/

I need to get another one.
Looking for some cheaper Colburgs, if anyone's got some.
Oh, by the way, Hautelook.com is having an R&R sale if someone hasn't heard about it today; they're all Henlees and one Taylor. 130$.
If you need a referral, just PM me, though you shouldn't have to.
Sorry for the long post, but hey, good for my first one, eh?
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Floyds from Antolette!

I tried the longest to get a clear shot, but my camera isn't very good. Or my photo skills aren't.

Oh - and an unwanted hand-me-down from a friend: Floyd Effens.

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Caleb, the Collisions look fabulous...great fit!!! Oh and your friend is an idiot..."unwanted" Effens??? Good for you that you've got them!!!
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The pair he gave over was his "beater" pair (whatever that means), but they looked and felt fine to me. Guess they weren't good enough for clubbing, I suppose?

Whatever. all the more for me! =D
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If you don't like the Effens, you can send up here! I know your my size.
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Haha...methinks I'll be keeping them. I'll bear it in mind though =)

Righto - today's special is a Henlee Elusive (as posted elsewhere on HF):

60% cotton, 20% spandex, 20% polyester. Why such an odd mix??
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That IS a strange mix! So they're stretchy then? I love them, whatever they are. They look great on you- I'm not a huge fan of supertight jeans on guys (even though many can pull off the look) and those are the perfect in-between fit, IMO.
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Yeah, they're VERY stretchy but extremely comfy, though.

Thanks for the comps, dannysgirls45! I've tried tighter jeans, and they make for very uncomfortable days - whether in the thighs, loins, ankles, or elsewhere. Not fun for the sake of attempting to look good. So I'm glad to have given R&R's a run - good balance between comfort and style - and haven't regretted it one bit!

Quick check: it's 20% elasterell-P, not 20% spandex. The other numbers are the same. Can I assume this pair of Henlees is also prone to rippage given the weird material makeup?
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I believe if it's elasteral it's similar to spandex- it seems that would be stretchy. In my experience, the washes with stretch are a little less likely to rip since there's a bit more give in the fabric than with rigid. But wait for Devin or Antolette, because they're definitely better experts than I am!

I've said it a million times, you have to wear what you're comfortable in. I have so many pairs that are a little big on me, but I've never been comfortable in ass-tight jeans. It's all in how you wear them, and you wear those really, really well!
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Originally Posted by kiwanja View Post
My friend and I love R&R's advertisements and tried to replicate them--*laugh*

I don't want to totally stretch out the thread since the pics are pretty big so I'll post the rest on my blog (X y Z).

But here's a good look at the back of these jeans; I actually bought them retail for $340. They're sooo expensive, but just so gorgeous I couldn't resist!!

The only problem is, I've lost weight since going to college, so they're a bit loose around the waist >=[. I guess this just means I have to eat more and get fatter! (laugh)

You Did a Great Job. To me, you look hotter than some of the Models they use today.
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Someone take a pot shot at what today's special is.

Gasp...can it be? Oh yes - Taylors in selenium
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Those are sick buddy. But as I will always say, I wish R&Rs could be worn tighter. But aren't those dragging on the ground?
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Haha...I think these are actually fine as they are - otherwise, my thighs feel like they're being strangled, and I like circulation in the lower-half of my body =P

For some odd reason, they don't drag at all! I think it might be that I'm standing on carpet, giving that impression. I asked one of my friends if they were dragging when I wore them today, and she said nope.
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not the greatest haircut, smut...
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Well my second pair so far these are tight but they have stretch. I may be living in these all summer I just love the wash.
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No posts for such a long time?
Well then, let this be my first one

I am wearing a Nesta in Halite Gem (I love those ). The first one I have which I am not afraid of ripping . I guess besides these jeans, I have chosen all those washes that tend to rip (Addict, Anthrax...)
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Wow, nearly a 7-month break of anyone posting on WAYWT. Things really have become a bit of a ghost-town here. Guess I'll post in a few days though. With my smut hair, of course =)
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Okay, fine - no funny hair today. But Taylor Seleniums? Can't get enough love from them.

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well as the weekend has started so i am wearing some baggy jeans. no tight fittings as i want to relax.
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^^ Love them! They look great.
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you always look good

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