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HUGE TR Sale!! - Page 2

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Any update information??? I'm impatient...
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Sorry Petit Papillon, the only 24's left is a pair of Sammy's in a light blue wash. I should kick myself that I didn't pick up more on the first day of the sidewalk sale when they had RACKS of the TR's in all sizes. However I did pick up eight pairs of R & R's for $50 at EREZ in Englewood which I'm currently selling on EBAY. For future references for people who live in the Englewood Area (about 5 miles from NYC), every summer at the last weekend in July Englewood has a HUGE sidewalk sale for three days, I've been going for last three years and have gotten amazing deals + there's no sale tax on clothing in NJ. Next year I will be sure to pick up more denim and share with all my fellow members.
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thank you anyway for checking for me....

I just have no luck on these...
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anything in 26W??
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Yeah. Thanks for checking, izzy!
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What's your ebay username? I want to check out the R&R stuff!
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