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I'm interested in a pair of PRPS jeans for men anyone know how their sizes run and should I trust the one's on ebay how's the denim feel soft or thicker like diesels? Any comments would help thanks
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There are more fakes on ebay than real ones.
This is an example of a fake:

There's no way that those could sell for $90 Buy it now, especially since they're pretty rare and go for over $200.

The material is pretty thin compared to other brands. I suggest to go to a store ("Up Against the Wall" has some) and get your sizing right, before you buy online.
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check ebay now and u will see the PRPS PONY HAIR W30. It is the authentic one which it costs around 365 US Dollars but u will get it very low price in ebay i am sure.

If u r not sure which item about PRPS in Ebay, email me I will check that out for you. I am now having 6 pairs of PRPS already.


abmar9, nownow_th@hotmail.com
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you have 6 pairs wow.all fit loose right?ive heard new collection offers also slim fitting low rise bootcuts,do you maybe own those?

how is the fitting on these?which size do you wear and how do you wear it?i know beckham wore it loose and it looked good.
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I recommended for all PRPS fans to have :


It is what Beckham wears and really nice colours fading with organic colours. It is still in the market I believed.

Other pairs that I have are also interesting but I don't think it is longer available anymore for example :

-Sulfur faded with splashing white dotted colours
-Super Black faded with splashing white dotted colours.
-Charcoal fit loose
-Pony hair with super dirty light blue colour

Hope you are ok with it.
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actually on that web site there are loads of wahes and newer model slim bootcut.the ones you posted i think are the new ones there are also another dark burners previous baggy model which was worn by beckham..on the left side you have prps basics,prps specail price...so ehre they are
*Prps*BASIC JEAN-DARK BURNER [P29P01B] - 28,140Yen : Newton Store, Mens Clothing Shop in Japan
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these are also nic on ebay now pony wash size 34 the only thing confusing me is that the seller says inseam is 30.5inches..on that japanese size when you look measures for pony size 34 the inseam is 33 inch and this is how its supposed to be

eBay: $385 PRPS Pony Jeans 34 31 Made in Japan RARE (Artikel 130079892432 endet 04.03.07 17:54:29 MEZ)
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