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Originally Posted by Sigmatic View Post
alright, pulled the trigger on the 89z and the unnamed nudies. i hope they're ralf or sven and not olas or i know for a fact they won't fit - the model, while horrible, doesn't seem to be wearing olas, but you never know...

how is yoox about returns?
free return shipping but charges $5 restocking fee.
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I'm confident that they're not olas....there's stitching on the outside of the hip down to about the level bottom of the rear pockets, and that stitching isn't present on olas.
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^^ (uprising) i can live with that

DCG: i've got olas and ralfs at home, so ill add another $.02 when i get home. also, the way they sit on the model doesn't jive with ola's light weight denim, but they do look bootcut...i'm hoping they just read the tag as "regular ralf" and assumed a straight cut.
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I'm thinking that's it. They do seem to have a slight bootcut to them.

To me, they look a lot like the images of the regular ralf dry geycast on revolve. What do you think?
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yeah, they don't seem to be as dark as my RRDS, and kinda have that murky greycast look. cross your fingers.

gawd, that's 4 pair of dry denim i have, haven't made a dent in any of them yet...somebody buy my olas!!
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Originally Posted by cel View Post
2 different washes

Fashion & Design Shopping Online - YOOX
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I wish they had some 89Q matic in size 24...
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Originally Posted by ntegragsr93 View Post
both 88d are they not?
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there's that white pair but they only have 1 sz left
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Originally Posted by ntegragsr93 View Post

They're both 88d aren't they?
why the different pricing?
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different inseam
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Too bad the Nudie is sold out. Keep us updated on the kind they were.
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Diesel Men - Denim - Jeans Diesel on YOOX

What wash are these thanaz?
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those are some amazing matic finds!! my girlfriend is gunna freak out when she sees 88d in her size!
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theres a new yoox code 10% off on all fall winter stuff btw
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what's the code?
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the codes ONLY4YOU@YOOX

i just used it... it said in the email it was only for me but i think thats bullshit cuz that looks like a pretty generic coupon...
i got 4 pairs of jeans w00t!!
only bad part is u cant get free shipping with it.

if somebody could verify the washes on the thanaz i just ordered id appreciate it...
i think the first one is 8aa(hopefully its not 86c altho the back pockets dont look like it) not sure about the second...
Diesel Men - Denim - Jeans Diesel on YOOX
Diesel Men - Denim - Jeans Diesel on YOOX
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^where the hell were you 5 hours ago????
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I am _so_ gonna grab those backler in like 5 months when they mark them down.
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fck i had to miss out on those nudies(pretty sure they are RRDG). they still have size 33 FYI. lots of new stuff is nice!
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does yoox deliver to canada? and the prices are they stated in USD?
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are assjacks like apple jacks?
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Originally Posted by blm14 View Post
are assjacks like apple jacks?
you're almost there

however, like ass nor apples do they taste
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