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Originally Posted by HSTAI View Post

i think its krooley 885Q

nope...not at all:-/

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Found it out by myself... It's Krooley 74D ;)

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sorry my bad icon_neutral.gif

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I am wondering how shioner 881L will fit compare to shioner 805a/801a since the 881L seems to be more stretching and softer. I am a 31X32 in 805a and 801a should I size down?

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@ Relentless  sorry about that!!!

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All I want is Darron 887Q! Hurry on yoox!! But shioner 74Z is also there...
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Originally Posted by HSTAI View Post

@ Relentless  sorry about that!!!

No prob mate;)

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Braddom 881Z

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many thanks. and would it be safe to size one down from my thavar size on these? ive heard they are pretty stiff. 

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Personally, I would size down 1 from my Thavar size for these.
As the waist sits higher, they fit as if they might run larger.
Also, the overall fit will be better if you go with a smaller size. ;)

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Braddom 88P and 887D just arrived:) aaah that's awesome. two fresh new pairs, so i can wear the other two as often as i want hrhr:D

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could anyone tell me if thanaz 74K is sooo stiff that someone should size up one from usual thavar size? i wear 31 for instance on thavar. is it stiff like 888p and therefore sizing up is ok? thanks

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74k very tight jeans, especially in the calves. I have a pair and they are the same size as the 888p.

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I took my usual thanaz/thavar size, they were really loose on the waist and felt stiff everywhere else. However, after successive wears, they have loosened considerably to give a comfortable fit. You may wanna size up depending on how you like to wear yours!

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Anybody know what else cut was 881z issued in other than Larkee-T, Braddom & Iakop?

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well most of my jeans fit just fine at 31. not loose nor tight. i have sized up on those washes that sizing up is a must (888p, 805A) but after ive read that the 74K is that stiff im thinking of sizing up a bit and maybe in worst case scenario it wont be a tight pair of jeans but a comfortable one that can be worn for dressing up

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raj, since i am looking for that wash and probably will end up getting larkee-t or braddom, i havent seen it in any other cuts. maybe someone else has though. 

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Since 881Z is a blue eyecone, larkee-t, braddom and Iakop are all cuts. I have Iakop.

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74k is really stiff and thick.  that and 888p are the thickest and heaviest denim i have.  i didn't size up on neither and they fit really tight on the legs as you can see in my photos, but just right in the waist where i don't neccessarily have to wear a belt.  74k and most thanazs are looser in waist than thavars, so if you size up the waist is going to get a little bigger.  but if you don't mind that, go for it as it will give you more room in the legs. 

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I bought 1 pair with my standard thanaz size, and 1 pair size up. I had to return the standard size one right after cuz the thigh was very uncomfortable. And just for your info, my 888p is the standard size, thigh is fine.
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I recently bought a pair of braddom 887D in W36, do you know if braddom 888p fit like my 887D ?
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I found the two fitted the same. 

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Finaly bought a pair of braddom 660r. I didnt find a lot of fit pics on denimblog. Does anybody realy love this denim ? I think it is beautiful class wash icon_smile.gif
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