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@supraboy, last one is shioner, but not sure on wash.
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68z now on yoox
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fuck..what is up with all limited sizes

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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

68z now on yoox

where's the 68z??? i don't see 886b and 68z on YOOX USA!!!! link anyone??


oh found it!! but damn size 30+...

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yea, there were a couple of small sizes in the morning..all gone now.

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god dammit......................


but I'm happy to say I bought Tepphar 804K (28x32) and finally, Braddom 887D (28x30)... can't wait to get them in!!


so maybe it is a good thing for the wallet that 68z was sold.. they weren't ridiculously cheap too at $230+

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@ Denim Collector If your standard size is 28, don't wear them too often because they strech in the waist area pretty much. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures when I bought them but I can promise that they stretch out pretty fast. I really like them but I don't know if I should grab another pair in W27. All nice FW12 jeans except 805A which they didn't order?! :( are avaible on sale in my local Diesel store in most sizes. 

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Thanks guys,


@Denim Collector

Can you post me link of Braddom 887D?

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Clarsson - which pair are you referring to??? 804K, 887K or 68z???


Supraboy - off this seller:




i am not sure if he has multiple pairs of 28x30 but the listing seems to be active still...  i hope the pair i got is exactly like pictured it would be so awesome.

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Can't find them on the EU store!
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68z in all sizes but 195€ is too expennsive.
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Got a link for the 886B?
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Thanks mate.
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Originally Posted by Quettingen View Post


68z in all sizes but 195€ is too expennsive.

To italy or nl, it's 30euro cheaper, but still expensive. Need them to be 100 or so. Last time they sold it for 80.
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Thanks got em. The quality is shit on these but the wash is so nice. So I'll give em another go for a few months.
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@ Denim Collector, 804K

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crap... well i hope they don't stretch out too much.. worst case wear them w/ a belt?? boooooo... i hope to get them soon!


Phukette yah I still like the 886b, still part of the rotation. but funny thing is waist stretched out about a size but thigh remains tight... so i need to wear them w/ belt now to keep ass from sagging...

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Hi, what is that model ? http://www.yoox.com/us/42265814SJ/item?dept=salemen#sts=sr_salemen80&cod10=42265814SJ&sizeId=

Its a shioner but i dont know the wash


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been asked on here many times, i believe its 881L.



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would it be safe to size down on the 886B guys? in order to avoid it stretching out a size...

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