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I can't open the link. What are they?
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krooley 803s i think, for 86 eu.
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Are you sure?
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Oh sry, it's krooley 804J
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i noticed this last week. every now and then yoox has 'errors' like this. like when i got my 8x2 for $95! :)

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I don't think it's 804J. It's black for a start.
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I'm 100% sure it's 804J
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I wish I was 32/30!
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I should start a business
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Originally Posted by karacho View Post

W T F! If anyone is W32 L30 hurry up



Oh, cool, thanks for the link!

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While most of them are in bigger sizes, I have a feeling these will get snatched up fairly quickly (particularly from the EU/UK sites, where they're E110/GBP75 respectively):




They look really nice, unfortunately the Safado is just a bit too tight in the leg from me (and I just ordered some Koolter Turbos and unidentified Vikers for the same price in total).

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Code JUMPSTART gives 10% off on the F/W and free shipping for US buyers! Ends 3rd Sept.

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Hard to say from yoox pictures, but they looks like DDG black raw (Thanaz):


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^ zdenal, if I want to buy this ddg raw, should I stick with my usual 30w or size down? Do they stretch allot after some wear? Thanks.
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I had my standard Thanaz size, when I wore and had them (already sold few years ago). They didn't stretch so much..., also remember there is no option to choose lenght, so inseam depends on jeans size.

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I'm a 32L, so I wont have a problem with the fixes inseam. I just need to decide between 29w or 30w.

Also, I'm curious if this one is the ddg raw (can't be sure just by photo), and how does yoox have so many available in different sizes? Ddg line has stop production for over a year already. How is that possible!!!
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yah wax jeans is pretty cool.

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Does anyone know which Teppar wash this pair is???




I thought it was turbo denim but rejected it... appreciate the help in advance!

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Recieved this darron today:) it's 882F Blue eyecon... Love it!



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Originally Posted by leftvapor View Post


Can anyone help me ID these DBG Jeans on YOOX?






Thanx in advance

Not 100% sure, but I think the first one is Perinz and the second one is Excess.
No idea about the wash though.

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