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They were gone by the time I got back to them. I guess it is better to buy now and ask later
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any time a sale like that comes up the sweet deals are all gone within the first hour, if not the first 10 minutes
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no doubt...better luck next time.
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last pair of Thanaz 8DK 32x34; already ordered with 10% off and free shipping. nothing to lose (summertemptations@yoox) icon_smile.gif



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Safado 8AA, get them, they are nice (btw. size down for sure)


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wow those are nice. why have I never seen this thread?

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Krooley is the cut name.

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Thank you :) These will be my first pair of diesel's, and due to being a poor 18 year old student, are all i can afford :D

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It isn't krooley. I don't know what it is.

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Seems to be Koolter.

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Koolter 8C3

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No the last one is 8j3

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Ok, I didnt looked at the Viker actually ;)

But the rest seem to be 0R stuff.

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What would be the point of making them for outlets and not retail?

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Well they are very old washes for the most part(with the exception of a couple). So they are just rereleased to be sold at discounted prices(such as yoox charges). Yoox actually runs Diesels web site so it would make sense they would get their outlet release stuff online. I know there is some full retail stuff too. The 8j3 for instance. I believe the first Thanaz may be full retail but I am not sure. Also, some think that because those washes are made in Italy they aren OR. This is not true. There are some OR that are made in Italy. Most are not however. Most are made in Morocco.


eta: I spelled arent wrong...sorry

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Thanks for proving my point sir...some people dont believe me for some reason

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It's funny I did a google search on the wash of these, and absolutely nothing came up.  Must be really unpopular


Plus there no manufacture date

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There is no created date on the back of the tags? Will you post pics of each part. Im curious to see them.

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