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Originally Posted by binaryfi View Post
Just got a pair. Thanks for the link.
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^ Not a fan though. It's not even a dungarees! I'm afraid it won't match with my straw hat
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ummm...I was kidding
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Me too
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Anybody know when yoox offers free shipping? or any other coupons? Founds some diesels but wanna get the price down as low as possible...
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they usually post it on the top of their site or send you a code via email. If you don't have a yoox acct, sign up so your elligible, but they just had a round of sales/free shipping so dont expect any..
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try googling "yoox coupon code" or something similar
I found some pages and some code that works
actually I tried one and voilĂ , 10% off
(it was last week)
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I tried some to no avail... Which one did you use?
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Yoox advertises their own promotions on their site. I've googled for Yoox coupons a bunch and they are all for a limited time and the site tells you of them at the top of the page. They just had a free shipping couple weeks ago.

Maybe it's (free shipping) a seasonal promo?
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thanaz 86C
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^ Thanaz OR86C to be exact
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oh, you're def right
given the price as well
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^what exactly is a sample sale? I know that's what gilt is all about. is the merchandise the same quality as non sample sale stuff?
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sample sale means stuff that proly has been worn for runways, or photo shooting, or just demonstrative stuff that have gone here and there
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Their "sample sale" also has many things that just haven't sold in previous sales- I see a lot of familiar things laying around there
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Darron, not sure of the wash though.
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^deff not darron, look at the back pockets. looks like slammer with the back pocket zippers and tassel.
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I believe those are DDG jeans...I think a member here has posted pictures before.
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I posted the pics of mine awhile back- they are a DDG release of slammer with a darron leg opening and some very intricate embroidery detailing. Sweet pair IMO, but be wary of the blue wash version that pops up on ebay now and then that is fake
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I think that's what threw me off about them, the darron like leg opening.
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