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^my disagreement was for the post before yours
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^ I know, mine was just a "complement" to yours
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^ ^^ nice
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Thoughts on these Diesel ankle boots?

DIESEL Men - Footwear - Ankle boots DIESEL on YOOX

Because of the low price I'm seriously considering buying them. Does anyone has more (worn) pics of these shoes though? This since I won't like the shoes anymore if there is a big Diesel logo or something at the back of the shoes. From the pics at Yoox I can't tell what 'logo details' there're on the shoes.
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Not my style, but if they're anything like the Fred II boots I own the quality is quite good for the price.
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^^ I've got them in grey - they're called Barboy. Only logo is on the sole.
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Gloovy 62U is a win!

What is this cut like compared to thanaz??
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Originally Posted by mark800 View Post
Gloovy 62U is a win!

What is this cut like compared to thanaz??
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Safado 8IW you are mine!!!
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Those Safado's are nice, they look quite slim too!
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Originally Posted by Saddock View Post
Safado 8IW you are mine!!!

great choice. If Safado 8AA will be available in 32 inseam, I will buy it... My first Safado
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Originally Posted by Saddock View Post
Safado 8IW you are mine!!!
8IW is one of the best washes ever done by diesel
a lil bit underrated IMO
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Ok guys... if i generally wear a 28x32 in Zatiny for a 30" waist, what do i need to look for in Safado? I also wanna pick up the 8iw at LEAST... been wanting to try Safado recently
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Get the same size in zatiny as safado. Of all the diesel I've ever tried or owned, I found Zatiny to have the tightest waist.
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So i should get 28x32?

How does 8iw run? Does it stretch?

Not wanting to have to return another pair due to wash fit differences.. heh

***Whoa wait, Safado have a 14" opening? Err that may be TOO slim a cut for me... i wanted a slim fit straight leg to wear with boots but thats way more on the skinny side isnt it?
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8IW is very rigid, I have a pair in thanaz
not a lot of wears (about 10 I think), but haven't stretched at all atm

edit: my safado 8IH W29 are 16" waist aligned
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What wash is this?! looks like he went wading in an oil spill... haha

DIESEL Men - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX
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safado 8BI.

these brown thanaz look nice for 70 bones: DIESEL Men - Pants - Casual pants DIESEL on YOOX

thunderbrands has a bunch of pants/trousers in nice cuts too.



DIESEL Men - Pants - Casual pants DIESEL on YOOX


DIESEL Men - Pants - Casual pants DIESEL on YOOX


DIESEL Men - Pants - Casual pants DIESEL on YOOX
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edit: ok robness, we posted at the same time lol
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Do people actually wear them here? I'm not sure how i feel about them from the Yoox pics... pretty different

***Ok so i went looking and found pics of the 8BI on the net and those do look pretty damn cool...

If i usually get a 28x32 as i'm a 30 waist, taking the wash on both of these into account which should i get for each?

I don't have any straight leg yet... just zatiny. People keep telling me to try Safado though. I'm not sure how i feel about the 14" opening of the 8iw though... seems rather small compared to the 16 of the 8bi.
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I don't like 8BI that much. I already have 8IH, 8IL, 8RN, 8AA, and 8BI doesn't have the difference that makes it necesary in my collection...it's very similar, plus, the fit on me was weird, the W28 fits strange...and W27 too small.

And the denim is not very pleasant/comfortable when you touch it...no really, I don't think 8BI deserves all the attention it gets...

But I was looking to get rid of my zathan 8IW or alter it to make it a safado cut but now I just have to buy the safado...shame that the backpockets are so boring, I would have liked something like 8GS, but with black or brown leather instead of white on 8GS.

But with safado 8IW, don't know which size to pick...27 or 28...
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^agree with saddock on 8BI
I don't feel the wash, it seems tacky to me

never seen/touched it in person, but I guess it's kinda "crispy" and shag, if you get what I mean
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Ahh saddock i was hoping you'd know what size to get in 8iw haha

You and i are generally the same size, yeah? 28x32?

Most sizes i get a 28... even the 71j, which i'm now considering getting rid of and waiting to find a 27. God... it seems so strange to me to be considering a "27" waist.

How do the inseam on Safado generally run? Ive read they run long? Im not a fan of huge stacking... maybe a little is alright, or folding them up looks cool depending on the wash... :P
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